Favorite Celebrities From The Past: Where They Are Now And What They Are Up To


Terry Kilburn is a former child actor who rose to fame from the 30s until the mid-40s. He first started in small and uncredited roles back in his home country until he decided to step up his game and move to Hollywood. This investment turned out great for him as his name quickly rose to the top as one of the greatest actors during that decade.

Kilburn didn’t stay long in the movie industry since he opted to retire early to pursue another career. That time, it was the role of an artistic director for Oakland University’s Meadow Brook. He stayed there from 1970 until 1994. Kilburn resided in Minnesota with his longtime partner Charles Nolte until his passing on January 14, 2010. His last TV appearance was on the show Lolita in 1962. It’s unclear where Terry Kilburn went after his last TV appearance, but we’re sure he made a net worth of $400,000 by the end of his career.