These Luxurious Celebrity Cars Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Jay Leno – 1994 McLaren F1 – $12 Million

Jay Leno is a well-known comedian, television host, producer, writer, and actor. Before he appeared on screen, he did stand-up comedy for many years. In 1992, Leno became the talk show host of NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jay Leno until 2009. Having a steady career for almost two decades, it’s not a surprise that he was able to amass a high net worth of $400 million. With his brilliant financial strategies for saving money, he was able to buy an expensive 1994 McLaren F1, which has an estimated net worth of $12 million.

He originally bought it for $800,000, making it a worthy investment. However, his love for everything automobile doesn’t end just there. Through the years, other beautiful rides the talk show host has had the opportunity to shelter in his garage include a 2012 McLaren MP4-12C, a Tesla P90D, a 1957 Chevrolet Corvette, and a 1932 Bowtie Deuce Roadster.

Birdman – Maybach Exelero – $8.8 Million

Like other music genres, the rap scene is also thriving with talented artists. One such figure worth mentioning is the rapper Birdman. Born Bryan Christopher Williams, Birdman found success in the music industry thanks to his many projects as a solo artist and as a member of the group Big Tymers. However, besides composing, Williams is also a producer, helping other artists create their tracks through his record label, Cash Money Records.

Birdman has one of the most expensive cars on this list — a Maybach Exelero with an estimated $8.8 million value. It probably didn’t even make a dent to his net worth of $180 million, making it an arguably easy investment for him. Aside from this car, his collection has more than 30 collectible vehicles, including a Bugatti. If you think about it, it seems that it’s become quite a trend for prominent rappers to have this car. Well, he could buy any car he wants since he even has a high net worth.

Jay Z – Maybach Exelero – $8.8 Million

Throughout his time in school, Jay Z, born Shawn Corey Carter, was already surrounded by soon-to-be big-named rappers – he went to high school with The Notorious BIG and Busta Rhymes. Eventually, young Shawn grew an interest in rapping, too, and soon became Jaz-O’s student. Besides his childhood nickname “Jazzy,” Carter later decided to go by the name Jay Z as a tribute to his mentor. Not only does Jay Z have a million-dollar car, but his Maybach Exelero is worth $8.8 million.

This top-of-the-line German-made car has a top speed of 218 kph, which makes it a worthy investment. Aside from this sports car produced by Stola and DaimlerChrysler, he also has a Porsche 911 Cabriolet and Bugatti Veyron, which brings his whole car collection to a value of $15 million. It’s not surprising as Jay Z is considered the King of Hip Hop and part of the global power couple in show business. He is married to Queen B or Beyoncé, and their combined net worth is $1.35 billion.

Cristiano Ronaldo – Bugatti Veyron – $2.5 Million

Even if you’re not a fan of soccer, you probably know the name, Cristiano Ronaldo. For his journey to becoming one of the sport’s greatest players, Cristiano had to start, like many others, at square one. Throughout his childhood, Ronaldo was fond of playing in amateur soccer games. Soon after, he requested his mother that he should stop going to school to focus on his pursuit. Upon her approval, young Cristiano joined more soccer games, rising from amateur to semi-professional leagues along the way.

After overcoming his own fair share of hurdles, Cristiano Ronaldo finally made it big in the sports world. Among many things, Cristiano is one of the most popular and wealthiest international soccer players in the world. He seems to have made a lot of investments in Bugatti as he bought a Bugatti Veyron for $2.5 million and a Bugatti Chiron for $3 million. His total car collection has an estimated worth of $7 million.

Simon Cowell – Jaguar Eagle Speedster – $1 Million

Producer Simon Cowell is a household name, thanks to the original television show Pop Idols UK. Soon after, Cowell got the chance to reprise his signature harsh-critic persona in other talent programs like American Idol, Britain’s Got Talent, and The X Factor. Besides appearing on TV, Cowell is also the founder of the Syco entertainment company and has helped promote many of today’s musical artists, James Arthur, Noah Cyrus, Cher Lloyd, and Westlife.

If you’ve seen his interviews, you probably heard him talk about sports cars. With a net worth of $550 million, he doesn’t need a car loan to purchase his Bugatti Veyron worth $1.7 million. However, it seems it wasn’t a good investment as he was only able to sell it for only $1.25 million. Even if this is gone from his collection, his fleet of cars is valued at $15 million. One of his most expensive possessions is the super rare Jaguar Eagle Speedster worth $1 million.

Nicholas Cage – 1958 Ferrari 250 GT Pininfarina – $3.6 Million

Nicholas Cage is an internationally-recognized actor who rose to stardom back in the ‘90s. Through the years, Cage is often known for his role in films like The Rock, Face/Off, Con Air, National Treasure, and Ghost Rider. In one way or another, perhaps his passion for acting is also rooted in his family tree, which includes the all-time iconic filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola, the man behind the creation of 1972’s The Godfather.

To this day, he continues to land big roles in multiple films and television series, continuously increasing his net worth. With that said, it’s not quite a surprise anymore that one of his car investments is a million-dollar 1958 Ferrari 250 GT Pininfarina. This car has an estimated value of $3.6 million, which he didn’t sell when he had financial problems and tax debts to deal with. What did take a hit was his car collection since it was reduced to 10 vehicles. Even so, we’re glad he was able to keep his favorite Ferrari.

Jerry Seinfeld – Porsche 959 – $1.8 Million

Jerry Seinfeld is an American stand-up comedian who is best known for his long-running television show, Seinfeld. Other projects he has worked on through the years include other series like The Marriage Ref, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, and, of course, the Golden Globe Award-winning animated feature film Bee Movie. With his successful career, he spent his earnings on car investments and was able to accumulate various Porsche models.

Since he has 47 expensive cars, he made sure to have a secure garage for his collection. Back in 2016, he sold 17 of the Porsches for $32 million. Even if he had to file for bankruptcy, he probably wouldn’t sell his Porsche 959, which has an estimated $1.8 million value. Well, besides it being quite the gorgeous beast, perhaps the other reason the comedian won’t be letting go of it that quickly is because it is one of only 337 that was ever manufactured.

50 Cent – Lamborghini Murcielago – $2 Million

In the earlier years of his career, Curtis James Jackson III, now popularly known as 50 Cent, went through a few bumps and wrong turns. However, with some help from fellow rappers Eminem and Dr. Dre, Jackson III finally got his big break in the rap scene – Dr. Dre also produced his first major-label album, Get Rich or Die Tryin’. Today, 50 Cent is an award-winning artist, with a few American Music Artist Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and a Grammy.

A few years ago, he made the headlines for the wrong reasons. He had to hire a bankruptcy lawyer since he was having financial difficulties. Fortunately, it seems to have gotten better as he was able to purchase a Lamborghini Murcielago worth $2 million — in cash! Not anyone who had just filed for bankruptcy, or even if they didn’t, can buy such an expensive vehicle using money. Aside from this car, he also has a Ferrari F430, Range Rover, Pontiac G8, and Rolls Royce.

The Game – Bugatti Veyron – $2.2 Million

Jayceon Terrell Taylor, or more popularly known as The Game, is an American rapper, producer, songwriter, and actor. Thanks to his work in the West Coast hip hop scene, he rose to fame and amassed a high-value net worth. Before beginning his rapping career, Taylor would spend time listening to many hit rap records. After hearing more than a few songs, he finally had a good idea on how to make a good track. With that knowledge in mind, The Game eventually made it big in the business, especially for his The Documentary and Doctor’s Advocate albums.

With his earnings, he bought a Bugatti Veyron that’s worth $2.2 million. However, he later spent some more investment money to get it customized. Besides this beast, he also owns several other sports vehicles, including a Porsche Panamera, a Bentley, a Dodge Challenger, and a Rolls Royce Ghost. With that said, it also wouldn’t be surprising if each one went through some customizations, too. In fact, his Porsche is even installed with golden rims – a pricey makeover, but an impressive one, nonetheless.

Flo Rida – Bugatti Veyron – $2.7 Million

Many of us have fond memories of the place we grew up in. With that said, perhaps none of us can ever love our hometown as much as Tramar Lacel Dillard loves his. In fact, he even has it as his stage name, Flo Rida. It seems like the Bugatti Veyron is a popular car among celebrities – well, who wouldn’t? American rapper Flo Rida also owns one, which he bought for $1.7 million. The value of his car increased after he had it fully-customized, raising its worth to $2.7 million.

Aside from this car, the rapper also has one more Bugatti, a Ferrari California, and a Ferrari 458. With multiple expensive cars in his garage, we hope he also paid a hefty sum to get a reliable and top-of-the-line home security system to keep all his precious valuables safe. In recent years, some say he’s about to drop a new album. Well, if it’s as successful as his other ones, which it undoubtedly will, he may need to expand his garage space.

Floyd “Money” Mayweather – Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita – $4.8 Million

In the entertainment industry, even athletes get a chance to shine. Through the years, boxing has always been a sport that could undoubtedly attract millions of fans. In effect, many of its players had since developed a massive fan base, even when they’ve retired already. One such popular figure in the scene is Floyd Mayweather, a boxer who finished his career undefeated – out of his 50 wins, 27 were knockouts.

Now here’s a car that tops the previously mentioned ones. Kept safe in his garage, Floyd “Money” Mayweather has a Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita. This luxurious car is worth $4.8 million! Aside from this mechanical marvel, he also has 100 other vehicles, totaling an estimated value of $15 million. Even so, these car investments aren’t enough to make even the smallest dent in his $340 million net worth. We wonder how he plans to spend the rest of his money, seeing it is only growing bigger with his successful career.

Lil Wayne – Bugatti Veyron – $2.5 Million

Most celebrities begin their career when they’re already a bit older. However, that didn’t stop anyone from starting earlier – that’s why we have child stars. Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. began his rapping journey when he was just twelve. Today, after spending some time further improving his craft, Carter, now famously known as Lil Wayne, has become one of the greatest rappers in the scene. Lil Wayne is a popular hip hop artist who spends his money funding his luxurious lifestyle.

With that in mind, it’s not much of a surprise anymore to know that one of his car investments is the expensive Bugatti Veyron, which has an estimated value of $2.5 million. He originally bought this for $1 million back in 2001, but its worth increased after all the modifications. This car is one of the fourth most luxurious cars in the world, and it seems that more rappers are also getting this car. Besides this vehicle, Lil Wayne also owns a V12 Aston Martin Vanquish and a Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe.

Drake – Bugatti Veyron – $2.5 Million

During his teenage years, Drake would willingly do just about anything to support his family. As a result, he began his career in the entertainment industry as an actor, starring in the TV show Degrassi: The Next Generation. Although the gig gave him more than enough to help with his family’s needs, Drake believed he could still achieve a higher level of success. Along the way, after getting inspired by artists like Lil Wayne and Jay-Z, Drake finally decided to make his own mixtape.

Today, after a few other famous hits here and there, the rapper is now one of the most well-known figures in the scene. Like many of today’s famous rap artists, Drake also owns a Bugatti Veyron. He bought his jet-black Bugatti for $2.5 million, which is more expensive because it is a Sang Noir, a rare and pricier model. With his net worth, he probably has enough investment money to retire from the industry and spend the rest of his days relaxing or traveling all over the world.

David Beckham – Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe – $400,000

David Beckham is an internationally-recognized British soccer player who lives a glamorous life with his wife, Victoria Beckham. However, the reason the two got together in the first place wasn’t because of their high-profile celebrity statuses. In fact, it’s rooted in something more personal: their bond with their families. After seeing the soccer player go straight to his family after a match, Victoria knew that David was going to be someone she’ll happily spend the rest of her days with – and by the looks of it, she’s right.

Since their marriage in 1999, the celebrity couple can always be seen in A-list events wearing the latest fashion. With that said, it’s not a surprise that even the car they bring to the red carpet is just as lavish: a Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe. This car has an estimated cost of $400,000 – and we bet his car insurance must be pretty steep, too. Although it’s also quite popular with other celebrities, what sets this one apart is that it’s customized with all the needed features to satisfy the world-famous soccer player and his family.

Miley Cyrus – Maserati Quattroporte – $140,000

Disney has introduced us to many of today’s stars, including Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez. However, another noteworthy figure in the entertainment industry is Miley Cyrus. With her father being the well-known country singer Billy Ray Cyrus and her godmother being the famous Dolly Parton, it comes as no surprise that Miley eventually followed suit. After her stint in Disney’s TV show Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus has continued to amaze audiences and fans with each record she has released.

Thanks to her successful career, it seems that Miley Cyrus is finally living her Hannah Montana life. Not only does she have one luxurious car, but she also has a fleet of McLaren MP4 12C, a G35 Infiniti, a Mercedes-Benz ML 450, a Porsche Cayenne, and a Maserati Quattroporte. The Maserati is an Italian-made chic-styled car that lessened $140,000 to her net worth. Since Miley already has several vehicles, it’s probably time she uses some of her money on real estate investments.

Jennifer Lopez – Bentley Continental GTC – $250,000

For most of her childhood, Jennifer Lopez, along with her siblings, were often encouraged to sing and dance in front of their parents – at least they’re not making any trouble, her parents thought. This family routine eventually became a hobby, which eventually led the young Lopez to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. For her first few years, Lopez was an actress, starring in films like Selena and Out of Sight. Soon after, she broadened her scope and added singing to her resume.

Today, after becoming both an established singer and actress, Jennifer Lopez has undoubtedly become quite a well-known figure under the Hollywood spotlight.Like other celebrities, Jennifer Lopez also took the opportunity to spend some points off her credit card on a fancy ride. Although we don’t know whether Jennifer used the fortune she earned from her music career or her clothing line, we do know one thing for sure: this world-famous singer spent $250,000 on a beautiful Bentley Continental GTC.

Kevin Hart- Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG- Undisclosed

For most of his childhood, Kevin Hart would often make use of his sense of humor to make the days just a bit better – as the saying goes, “Laughter is the best medicine.” After a few years, Hart decided to become a stand-up comedian, a job where he can both make people laugh and earn a living for himself and his family. Today, Kevin Hart is one of the most famous and respected comedians in the scene.

As of 2019, he has a net worth of $150 million, and there is no doubt that he could afford almost all things luxurious. Thanks to his successful career, he has since been able to make investments in a car collection. However, out of all of the vehicles kept safe in his garage, perhaps the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG is the one that gets the most love – he’s often found driving around town with it, after all.

Sylvester Stallone – Mercedes Benz G550 – $166,000

Sylvester Stallone is an actor who is best known for his roles as Rocky and Rambo. However, his journey to becoming a world-famous celebrity was anything but easy. Before he got the chance to play as the now-iconic Italian Stallion, most of Stallone’s roles often only had him as a background character – sometimes, he’s barely even visible. Fortunately, that didn’t stop him, not even a bit – and look at him now. Thanks to his successful career in the entertainment industry, he is considered a legend and has gained a net worth of $400 million.

This actor has also accumulated $2 million box office profits, so it’s no wonder he has plenty of luxurious assets. Through the years, he has used some of his money on investments in high-end vehicles and sports cars such as a Bentley Continental, a Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, a Porsche, and an Aston Martin DBS. He also has a Mercedes Benz G550 with an estimated value of $166,000, a sleek and masculine car that excellently compliments Sylvester’s image.

Lady Gaga – Audi R8 – $168,000

Besides earning a living out of it, many celebrities often take advantage of their fame to achieve another objective: to inspire others. Well, such is the case for one such music artist gracing the airwaves today: Lady Gaga. For her style, the Bad Romance singer herself has also mentioned that she was influenced by one of her favorite childhood artists: Madonna. Now, with her ever-growing fame, it’s safe to say that Lady Gaga will also soon be inspiring other up and coming singers, the same way as Madonna did for her.

Ever since we first saw Lady Gaga, she always had an eccentric style. Like her outrageous fashion, she also stands out with her luxurious car, an Audi R8, valued at $168,000. Besides this investment, she also has other brands such as Lamborghini, Porsche, and Rolls Royce. With her successful music career, work in the American Horror Story franchise, and landing the lead role in the film A Star Is Born, it’s not a surprise she can afford all these cars.

Bradley Cooper – Mercedes Benz G500 – $220,000

When we think of an actor, the first thing that comes to mind is usually their most popular roles, like Rambo for Stallone and the Terminator for Schwarzenegger. Meanwhile, Bradley Cooper is somewhat a special case. Now, the actor undoubtedly has several iconic performances, like in The Hangover films, Limitless, and American Sniper. However, there will always be a good number of fans who will associate Cooper with Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Rocket Raccoon.

For a performance that only requires his voice, Bradley Cooper still managed to give it his all – goes to show he doesn’t take his job lightly. Bradley Cooper’s popularity grew in the last decade, so we can’t imagine him driving a car that is not as luxurious as his current one. Bradley bought a Mercedes Benz G500 for $220,000. Besides the investments the actor made in this car, he also has a fleet of luxurious vehicles and high-end motorcycles in his garage, including a Triumph Thruxton, 1199 Ducati, and Aprilia Mana 850 GT.

Celine Dion – Maybach 62 – $500,000

With music playing a big role in her family, it comes as no surprise that Celine Dion eventually became a singer, too – her name originated from the song Celine by singer Hugues Aufray. After performing in a few gigs alongside her family, Celine soon began establishing herself as a solo artist. Today, Celine Dion is a multi-award winning singer, well-known for her hit records like My Heart Will Go On, The Power of Love, and I’m Your Angel and is also one of the music industry’s most influential singers.

Celine Dion is one of the most popular and wealthiest female singers. She has an $800 million net worth and used a portion as investment money for many of her belongings, such as the Maybach 62. With her earnings from sold-out concerts and tours, Celine can easily afford this car valued at $500,000. Not only does she have a car worth half a million dollars, but she also owns a luxury home with its own water park.

Paris Hilton – Bentley GT Continental – $400,000

With Paris’ great-grandfather being the founder of the lovely Hilton Hotels, it’s safe to say she already has quite the fortune before she even learned to walk. Even so, Paris still decided to pursue a career of her own. Today, she is not only a model, but also an actress, singer, and DJ, even – she has played in festivals like Summerfest and Tomorrowland. Thanks to her popular family name, Paris Hilton was able to rise to stardom and became one of the world’s wealthiest socialites.

Of course, carrying the Hilton name also means that she has her own luxury car, a customized Bentley GT Continental. It’s also pink, matching her Barbie look and style. She bought this car for $400,000 and added her creative touch to it, including a Hilton logo on its exterior and a diamond-encrusted upholstery and dash. This investment probably didn’t even make a dent in her net worth or her earnings from her acting and modeling career.

Wesley Snipes – 1993 Acura NSX – $73,500

Wesley Snipes is one of the most promising actors in Hollywood. He rose to fame when he was 23 years old and is best known for his role as Blade. Besides portraying the Marvel superhero, Snipes is also notable for his performance in films like Passenger 57, Demolition Man, and, more recently, Expendables 3. Besides working as an actor, Snipes is also a martial artist, experienced in Shotokan karate, Hapkido, Capoeira, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – safe to say his experience in martial arts made filming his fight scenes much easier.

Unfortunately, his career came to a halt when he and his two friends were charged with tax fraud by the IRS. His attorney couldn’t do anything about it, so he was sent to a correctional facility for three years. When he was nearing his sentence, he served the rest of his time in house arrest. Currently, he has a net worth of $12 million, so it wasn’t trouble purchasing his 1993 Acura NSX for $73,500.

Kim Kardashian – Ferrari 458 Italia – $325,000

Today, the entertainment industry is full of reality shows. However, the one that started this trend was arguably the Kardashian-Jenner family with their program Keeping Up with the Kardashians. One such family member that has received widespread recognition from this is none other than Kim Kardashian. Besides starring on the show, Kim also has her foot on other business ventures, especially in the fashion industry. However, outside of showbiz, she’s also quite enthusiastic about soon becoming a servant of the law, just like her father.

With the fortune she has earned, it’s safe to say that Kim has more than enough investment money to afford this $325,000 Ferrari 458 Italia. Even so, this lovely beast was actually a gift she received from Chris Humphries, her ex-husband – she got to save, which is also a win in its own right. Besides this white sports car, she also has eight more vehicles: a Rolls Royce Ghost, Porsche Panamera, and Mercedes Benz G63, to name a few.

Kate Upton – Mercedes Benz SLS AMG 6.3 – $248,000

If you’ve seen Sports Illustrated magazines, then you’d probably recognize Kate Upton. She is an internationally-recognized model who has done high fashion shoots. However, her talents aren’t only present when she’s on the walkway. For most of her childhood, Kate was also quite the equestrian and even won a fair amount of races along the way. Furthermore, she also has an interest in acting, having starred in films like Tower Heist, The Layover, and The Disaster Artist.

For her red-carpet events, she’s probably bringing her Mercedes Benz SLS AMG 6.3. She bought this sporty car for $248,000. Besides this, Kate also spent some investment money on a Tesla worth $100,000 for her day-to-day driving. By the looks of it, it’s safe to say she has an expensive taste in cars. Even so, it seems like she also has quite a liking for the greener option, which explains why she made some room in her garage for a Tesla.

Leonardo DiCaprio – Hybrid Fisker Karma – $135,000

At this point, almost everyone can recognize one of Hollywood’s most famous actors, Leonardo DiCaprio. Through the years, the actor has never failed to impress audiences with his compelling performances in films like Inception, Django Unchained, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, and, of course, his Oscar-winning role in The Revenant. Even if Leonardo DiCaprio is successful in his career and has a high net worth, he doesn’t spend so much.

We can say he’s great at spending his money wisely since he’s been using most of it on good investments. Instead of buying a million-dollar car, he opted for a Hybrid Fisker Karma worth $135,000. Not only is it less expensive, but it also reduces his carbon footprint. Even if it’s not in the pricey range, it is still a supercar with an interior that is cruelty-free and made of non-animal products. Aside from this car, he also has a Tesla or Prius, which are either electric or hybrid vehicles.

Amber Heard – Ford Mustang – $150,000

If you’re updated with recent celebrity-related news, you probably already heard of Amber. Although her first leading role was in the horror film All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, it was in 2008’s Never Back Down when Heard finally received widespread recognition. Since then, other projects she starred in include Pineapple Express, Drive Angry, and 3 Days to Kill. Unlike other celebrities who buy the latest model, Aquaman star Amber Heard has been using her Ford Mustang for over a decade.

She made sure her $150,000-investment in this 1968 car was worth it. Even so, the actress has separated from her prized possession four times already. Though the first three instances were because thieves stole it, the fourth was for a more wholesome reason. Her father had it upgraded on the television show Overhaulin. In effect, it was restored into a lovely bright red Mustang. By the looks of it, it’s safe to say that fate really wants her to be with this car forever.

Connor McGregor – Rolls Royce Dawn – $350,000

Many of our goals are often realized early on in life in one way or another. The same can also be said for world-famous mixed martial artist Connor McGregor. Throughout his childhood days, Connor was often bullied by other kids at school. As a means to protect himself, he began learning boxing – safe to say this investment worked wonders for him. In effect, not only was he no longer bullied, but he also started to be more confident with himself.

Well, thanks to his headstrong determination and perseverance, all of Connor McGregor’s hard work undoubtedly paid off in the end. As a reward, he bought himself a Rolls Royce Dawn worth $350,000. Besides this, he has also had the opportunity to shelter other luxurious cars, including a Vauxhall Astra, though he already bade farewell to this beauty. Other cars in his garage include a Lamborghini, Cadillac Escalade, and Rolls Royce Phantom and Ghost.

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