Take A Look At These Stunning Celebrity Houses That You Might Be Dreaming Of

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Naomi Campbell started her career at a very young age and became one of the industry’s most successful supermodels. With her career spanning more than four decades, it’s not surprising that she has a net worth of $60 million. The supermodel first rose to fame back in the 1980s until the 1990s. Currently, she is dating Russian businessman Vladislav Doronin. According to several sources, Doronin gave the supermodel a massive $390 million property as a gift.

The splendid house’s design is based on the Egyptian Eye of Horus and was handled by Spanish Architect Luis de Garrido, specializing in sustainable living. The mansion located in Turkey serves as the couple’s vacation home. It has all the luxurious things inside and outside of the house. To ensure Naomi’s safety, the safety of her family, and her properties, it’s a must to have a state-of-the-art home security system installed in all corners of the lavish home.


This massive $60 million castle formerly belonged to one of Hollywood’s power couple — Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Unfortunately, after contracting a divorce lawyer to call off their marriage, the property is in danger of being put on sale. The vast property has a total of 35 bedrooms with a massive vineyard to boot. According to reports, the ex-couple brought in the Perrins – a French family with a winemaking background manage the estate.

Even if they decided to sell the property, it is safe to say that Pitt has several other properties that he acquired over the past decades. His estimated net worth as of 2020 is around $300 Million. Given Brad’s vast real estate portfolio, we don’t think he’ll be missing the estate that much if ever it’s sold to another wealthy owner. Just in case you have $60 million to spare, this is probably the best time to purchase a French castle.


Mark Zuckerberg is one of the most famous and successful people today. He made his name through the social networking service company Facebook. Mark is also one of the youngest billionaires, having a net worth of $66.8 Billion. He eventually climbed up to $100 Billion, making him the 4th richest person in the world. There is no doubt that he can buy all the things that he could think of.

Zuckerberg also owns a property in Lake Tahoe that costs $59 million. The mansion has two sides; the smaller villa is a Tudor-style home built in the 1930s and is called Carousel Estate. The other one is the bigger one that was constructed in the 60s and was named Brushwood Estate. He sure has a stable amount of money in his bank that would be sufficient whenever he wants to retire. Mark won’t be bothered with the mortgages and insurances covered.


Following the premiere of F.R.I.E.N.D.S., Courtney Cox instantly became one of Hollywood’s famous actresses. Since taking on the role of Monica Geller in the hit sitcom, Courtney’s net worth has risen to about $120 Million. To this day, the actress still makes $20 Million every year from F.R.I.E.N.D.S, making her one of the industry’s highest-paid actresses. Having that massive amount of wealth, she must have a financial advisor to help her manage her finances.

She owns a property in Malibu that has a dashing price of $33 million. The property has both an indoor and outdoor kitchen, formal dining, a pool, lavish lounge chairs, and of course, a great view. The actress sure knows how to live in style. Maintaining it is not even a problem for Cox, given the net worth she has to her name. It will be easier for her to enjoy her luxuries every day.


Previously known as the Fresh Prince, Will Smith is, without a doubt, one of the best in the industry. He is an American Actor, Songwriter, Rapper, and millions of people already know him. With that, there will be no questions if his net worth shoots up to $350 million, making him one of the world’s richest actors. Currently, he lives in a massive property in Calabasas, which is the fruit of his labor.

His estate is so vast that it has a basketball court, golf course, tennis court, a recording studio, and an expansive garage. Will sure knows how to spend his money wisely. For sure, it has a top-notch home security system from inside to outside. His renovations have resulted in the property valued at $42 million, from $20 million. If Will decides to put the property on sale in the future, we’re sure the next owner will have the time of their lives exploring the vast living space Will created.


It is undeniable that Tiger Woods is one of the wealthiest celebrity athletes today. He’s been around the golf scene since 1996 and is still trailblazing his way through the industry until today. No doubt his hard work and talent make him so deserving. Woods has earned more than $1.4 billion throughout his career. According to Forbes, the athlete is now worth over $800 million.Woods also signed the most expensive endorsement contract in the industry of sports for over $100 million.

He also owns various real estate properties across the globe, and one of those is this $40 million mansion in Jupiter Island, Florida. His property includes a massive golf course that he uses for practice. His luxurious house has all the modern facilities and equipment that help him enjoy a comfortable lifestyle and won’t be bothered by the mortgage. Indeed, he will not be scarce with his money even if he chooses to retire right this instant.


Thomas Jacob Hilfiger is an American fashion designer popularly known as Tommy Hilfiger. Through the years, his name became synonymous with the fashion industry itself. His brand is one of the highly recognized labels in the world. With that, it is easy to assume that his wealth and credit score is pretty huge. In fact, his estimated net worth is $450 million. He founded the Tommy Hilfiger Corporation himself in 1984.

One of his real estate properties is this Florida home that he placed on sale for $27.5 million. The property is 14,079 square feet and has four different entertainment rooms. It has eight bathrooms and seven bedrooms surrounded by expensive things all over the house. Even though the property is for sale, he still has lots of real estate left under his name. He sure won’t have any problems purchasing those as he has a net worth of $400 million.


Kimora Lee Simmons is one of the successful models, author, TV personality, and American fashion entrepreneur in the industry today. Through her hard work, she was able to make several investments. Today, her net worth sits at around $200 million. She owns a property in Beverly Park that has a whopping price of $27.5 million. Kimora currently lives in the most exclusive and private gated community in Los Angeles, California. The property measures 20,000 square feet.

Everything inside the mansion is top of the line, from the room, pool, spa, and tennis court. Considering that the million-dollar home houses several expensive items, we assume that the security system is nothing but the best. Knowing Kimora Lee Simmons is 45 years old, the supermodel is truly living and enjoying a luxurious life. It sure does sound nice to be tucked away in an elegant property like this one. Who knows, maybe we’ll be able to afford one someday.


We all know Ellen DeGeneres is one of the most successful celebrities in Hollywood. She is also one of America’s richest self-made women, with an estimated net worth of $330 million. She is known for being a comedian, actress, and writer. However, many people don’t know that investment planning and money management are among her many talents.Just this February 2019, it has been reported that that talk show host made another real estate purchase.

It is said to be a home worth $27 million, located in Montecito, California. The 8,188 square-foot house was said to be purchased last January 10, 2019. Harley J. Neuman, Ellen DeGeneres’ business manager, was the one who listed the property in the market. However, he refuses to give comments about the recent purchase. DeGeneres is not only famous for being in the industry but also for her real estate portfolio. We bet she has fancier properties across the country.


Kelly Maria Ripa, also known as Kelly Ripa, is an American TV host and actress. She is also the wife of Riverdale’s Mark Consuelos. Together, the couple resides in a lavish home in Manhattan, which they often flaunt on Instagram. Through the couple’s investment planning, they now have several real estate properties across the country. However, their New York abode is their favorite. The property is five stories high and has an expensive home security system for their protection.

They also have a property in Southampton, which is an elegant mansion. Ripa’s estimated net worth is $120 million, and her annual salary is $22 million. It is safe to assume that she must have a financial manager to take care of her finances. Given that she has different properties, it is safe to say that she will not have any problems maintaining and living her luxurious life. Sounds nice to be that successful, doesn’t it?


Mel Gibson is an American actor, director, producer, and voice actor worth around $425 million. The actor is also the former owner of this $14.495 million Malibu mansion. The house has a lot to boast about. It has 6,578 square feet of living space, sitting on top of a sprawling 5.5 acres of land. Carrying an elegant rustic theme, it has five beds and five bats with an additional airy room with vaulted beamed ceilings, chandeliers, and excellent flooring.

Several medieval-style stoneworks adorn the house and a luxurious French-style kitchen with bespoke cabinetry, marble countertops, and casual dining space. Guests can also enjoy dining on the property’s scenic grounds, complete with two swimming pools and a terrace looking out into the ocean. The house also features a separate, two-bedroom guest house and a garage that can fit three cars. It sure is a house fit for a Hollywood star.


American actor Jack Nicholson has officially joined the ranks of celebrities who lived in Malibu but sold their home. The Academy Award nominee holds the record for being the most nominated actor with 12 nominations. Because of his impressive career background, the actor is now worth $400 million. His Malibu went back into the market in 2011 for $4.25 million. Initially built in 1966, the house spent a good ten years under a different owner’s care until the actor got his hands on it in 1977.

His house boasts 2,313 square feet of living space, sitting a whopping 28.01 acres of land. One of its best features is the view of the ocean and mountain. The house also comes with two covered parking spaces, a guest house, a swimming pool, and hardwood flooring, along with the gorgeous scenery. Inside, you will also find a cozy breakfast area, a grotto-style space, a tennis court, a putting green, a fireplace, and a cabana.


Steve Harvey is an American comedian, businessman, actor, and TV host with an estimated net worth of around $200 million. Family Feud alone makes him $9 million a year. His wife, Marjorie Elaine Harvey, purchased this vast estate back in 2010 for $3.4 million. It was a lesser investment back then but may have a higher price now, considering the renovations. The 9,258 square foot luxurious property currently has a massive grill, a cigar cabinet, and a mini-golf course.

It also has eight baths and six bedrooms. It is exciting to imagine yourself getting invited to one of his outdoor or indoor party. It is undoubtedly easy for him to pay the insurances and mortgages and live his best life even if he retired from the industry. The Family Feud sure has enjoyed a prosperous career, but quitting is not yet in his vocabulary. To this day, Steve is still working on expanding his businesses and properties.


Chuck Norris is an American actor and a martial artist with an estimated net worth of around $70 million. His career officially launched when he started working in films, Code of Silence, The Delta Forces, Octagon, and many more. Chuck is also among the many celebrities who made their houses their investments. He also put his North Tustin house on the market for a whopping $3.5 million. It has a total of 5,500 square feet of living space.

It is a unique home that you can only reach through a descending steep, gated driveway surrounded by lush green trees. He even built a lake inside its grounds, a saltwater swimming pool, and planted more than a million-dollar worth of trees. The new owner will indeed feel they are close to nature when they start living here. He clearly deserves all the luxuries in life after working in the industry since the 1990s.


Angelina Jolie is one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood after being in the industry for nearly40 years. She has a net worth of $100 million and an equally impressive credit score. Angelina even brought a $1.6 million gift just to give it to her former partner, Brad Pitt. The actress recently purchased a mansion in Los Feliz with a dashing price tag of about $24.5 million. Jolie’s mansion has six bedrooms, a pool, a big kitchen, and several other luxurious things.

With all these amenities, it is safe to say that her house is equipped with a high-end home security system to keep her and the kids secure. The neighborhood that it belongs to also adds another charm to the property. Located in Laughlin Park in Los Feliz, Angelina’s new home is guaranteed to be surrounded by famous and affluent families from California. Wouldn’t it be nice to be Angie’s neighbor?


Carson Palmer is one of the most successful football players and one of the ten highest-paid NFL players in history. After playing for 15 seasons, he announced his retirement in 2018. Now that he is retired, and with proper investment planning and money management, he’s able to own an 8,000 square foot house in Del Mar, California. The $24 million home has six bedrooms, an elegant kitchen, and eight bathrooms. There are also other features, including five fireplaces and an oversized garage that can fit ten cars.

A state-of-the-art home security system is also needed for a house this grand. The athlete owns this house together with his wife, Shaelyn Palmer, a former USC soccer player. The two athletes can surely build beautiful memories in the property and enjoy a luxurious life. Thanks to their smart money decisions, there is no doubt that his net worth will be even higher.


Australian actor Chris Hemsworth is one of Hollywood’s highest-paid professional actors today. He rose to fame by playing the Nordic god Thor in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. He also gained popularity in the films Star Trek, Men in Black: International, and many more. Outside his acting career, Chris gains attention for being a hardworking family guy. He previously bought an $8 million property, and due to renovations, the estimated amount of Hemsworth’s home is now $20 million.

The property sits on top of Byron Bay and overlooks Seven Mile Beach. It is safe to say he will not have any problems with mortgages or loans, given his $120 million net worth. Chris’s popularity and bankability are still growing, so it’s safe to assume that he will be living his luxurious life together with his fat bank account in the next few years. Now, we don’t know about you, but we’re certainly looking forward to seeing his works in the future.


When it comes to America’s most famous news and current affairs personalities, Laura Ingraham reigns supreme. She’s a lawyer, radio host, political commentator, best-selling author, and the former speechwriter for U.S. President Ronald Reagan. Currently, Laura enjoys a net worth of around $40 million. Now, she hosts The Ingraham Angle on Fox News and has a $15 million salary per year. With that much fortune in her hand, Ingraham didn’t hesitate in splurging millions in this real estate asset.

Initially built in 1960, this 2-story home sits in Mclean, Virginia. The 7,869-square-feet property boasts a lush landscape, five bedrooms, 5.5-bathrooms, a fireplace, a swimming pool, and a spacious patio. Valued initially at around $1.6 million, it is now worth $3.3 million after renovations. We hope that her health stays as stable as her wealth, so she can enjoy her luxurious investments as long as she wants.


Retired football player Michael Strahan has several things to be thankful for. Aside from being an exceptional athlete, he is also an incredible TV host. Michael now co-hosts ABC’s Good Morning America and serves as a football analyst on Fox NFL Sunday. Currently, he has an estimated net worth of around $65 million with an annual salary of $17 million. However, let’s talk about where he used to live. Strahan purchased this New York property for $1,665,000 in 2008.

It’s located somewhere in Tribeca Space in lower Manhattan. The 1,911 square-foot condo unit has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and we think it’s a good investment. In 2014, he sold the unit for $2.3 million. However, he has another home worth $16 million, which he purchased back in 2003 with his wife, Nicole Mitchell Murphy. The house has over nine bedroom suites and 14 bathrooms. Well, you do the math! He earned more than his expenditures. Surely speaking, he is indeed living his luxurious life now after creating a legacy in the industry.


Exactly how rich is the Canadian megastar, Celine Dion? Well, just look at her mansion! It sprawls luxury everywhere you look! She recently sold it in the market for $38.5 million but let’s delve into details. The five-acre real estate investment sits in Jupiter Island, Florida. Within the property, you’ll find a massive 11,000 square feet mansion housing several beautiful amenities. Celine’s former property boasts 13 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, and even a personal waterpark!

Only a person with multi-million-dollar savings can afford that (she has a net worth of $800 million, by the way). The diva must really love the ocean very much because, in 2016, she sold a private island just outside of Quebec for $25 million. Today, her primary residences are in Paris and Las Vegas. Now, we don’t know about you, but Celine’s real estate portfolio sounds like the most impressive one of them all.


Everybody knows the executive officer of electric automaker Tesla, Elon Musk. The billionaire CEO is a visionary who aims to help the world by “reducing global warming through sustainable energy consumption and production.” He is also CEO of Space Exploration Technologies, a rocket manufacturer for NASA. Being one of the world’s richest self-made billionaires, he has a net worth of $136.9 billion! Just recently, he sold his Bel-Air property for $29 million to a fellow tech billionaire.

The 16,251-square-feet mansion has seven bedrooms, eleven bathrooms, and of course, it is well-equipped with a state-of-the-art home security system. The mansion’s amenities also include several alfresco dining patios, a swimming pool, a spa, and lush gardens. At 49 years old, Elon Musk already has everything he could ever ask for. However, the visionary billionaire is still looking towards the future, planning innovations after innovations. It’s only a matter of time before we hear his name in the news again for creating another groundbreaking technology.

Jay Leno – $13.5 Million, Newport

Jay Leno is a professional actor, writer, producer, comedian, and host of NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jay Leno for almost two decades. He has an estimated $15 million annual salary and an overall net worth of around $400 million. Given his handsome bank account, it’s not surprising that Jay bought several real estate and car investments. One of his properties is this Newport Mansion in Rhode Island, which he purchased for $13.5 million.

Architects originally built this 15,851 square feet estate in the mid-1930s on top of a 9-acre land. It has four levels and features eight bedrooms, eleven bathrooms, a carriage house, an infinity pool, a professional tennis court, and a private beach. With its large windows, Jay and his wife Mavis Leno, an American philanthropist, feminist surely wake up to panoramic views of the ocean while enjoying their luxurious way of living. It is safe to assume that their family does not worry about mortgages.


Reese Witherspoon is a versatile actress and excellent in handling her business. With a net worth of around $250 million and an annual salary of $40 million, we can easily say that she is one of the best in the industry. Reese’s popularity came to prominence after winning an Academic Award and an Emmy Award. To know exactly how wealthy Reese is, simply look at this property she purchased in Los Angeles for a whopping $20 million.

The property is 10,000 square feet, complete with guest suites, entertainment space, a private living room, and of course, a master suite. It also has a gym, swimming pool, and a screening room. Reese might even have installed some home security system. With her massive paycheck and unending Hollywood projects, we’re sure Reese won’t have any trouble maintaining her home and her incredibly lavish Hollywood lifestyle. Her worth simply says it all!


Tim McGraw is one of the highest-grossing country singers of 2019. His wife, Faith Hill, on the other hand, is a country music superstar. Together, they are among the strongest couples in the music industry. Although many celebrities have filed for divorce, McGraw and Hill stood firm on their wedding vows. Thanks to their careers’ success, the husband and wife duo now have a combined net worth of about $165 million. That combined wealth comes from McGraw’s net worth of about $85 million and Hill’s net worth of around $165 million.

These multi-millionaires also have excellent money management skills and investment planning tactics. The couple owns several real estate properties, including their “getaway” home located in the Bahamas. The $18 million property has a naturalistic decor. Aside from enjoying the great waters of the Bahamas, they also have their private pool. The property’s insurance may be relatively high, but it will not be a problem for the couple because they can earn money even when they are sleeping.


Pat Sajak is an American television personality and the most prosperous TV game show host of 2019. According to some sources, the host bought a home on Severna Park Home in Maryland for $1.275 million back in 1991. At the time, it was a hefty price for the Wheel of Fortune host, especially after he underwent emergency surgery to correct a blocked intestine. However, he still made his first down payment of $275,000 and paid the rest through a loan he took from a known loan company.

Fortunately, Pat ultimately paid off the house in 1998. Reports also stated that the county earned a decent amount from Pat’s large tax payment. It is such a beautiful home, and we’re pretty sure Pat was happy when he first purchased it. Today, Pat has several other properties across the United States, which he maintains with the help of his $70 million net worth.


There is no doubt that Taylor Swift is one of the most successful artists of all time in anyone’s mind. Through her hard work and talent, she earned a net worth valued at $360 million, making her one of the world’s highest-paid celebrities. Besides being a phenomenal composer and singer, she also has good money management skills, as evidenced by her extensive list of real estate properties. One of her favorites sits in Rhode Island.

The singer purchased the $17 million property back in 2013. It sure is a massive and expensive mansion, but of course, Taylor could afford it! The house is 1,000 square feet and is considered the little beach house she needs to escape from her busy lifestyle and career. She currently lives in Los Angeles, California, in a $30 million mansion she bought in September 2015. Don’t be fooled, though. She has several more properties, just like that.


Matt Damon is a writer, producer, philanthropist, and one of the best actors in Hollywood. Matt shocked many people when he and his wife decided to splurge on a real estate property worth millions of dollars. His investment in the apartment is said to be an excellent move for the award-winning actor. Matt Damon’s Brooklyn apartment is reportedly worth a staggering $16.6 million. Dubbed as one of the most expensive properties in New York, the property stretches 6,000 square feet in size.

It has six bedrooms, a gym, and elegant wooden flooring. The property must also have an expensive home security system for the protection of his family. With a $170 million net worth, Matt can acquire more luxurious mansions if he wants. It is safe to say that Matt Damon won’t have any problems maintaining this gorgeous home along with his other properties. We’re also pretty sure that he’ll add more in the next few years.


Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann are two of Hollywood’s brightest stars. With no signs of contacting a divorce lawyer anytime soon, the pair have maintained their status as Hollywood’s long-standing couples. Together, Judd and Leslie boast a total net worth of $160 million. The famous lovely couple had recently bought another property in Santa Monica. The supposed penthouse has an average mansion size and comes with a price tag of $14.5 million.

Their new home is only four miles away from their primary residence in Brentwood. The 8,026-square foot property has six bedrooms and seven and a half bathrooms. Indeed, this kind of mansion installed a security system to ensure the family’s safety. Additionally, they will not have any problems with mortgages nor loans, even if they decided to retire and live a luxurious life together with their family. Their kids sure are lucky to have such successful parents.


Christina Aguilera is undoubtedly one of Hollywood’s stylish and talented stars. Not only is she known for being a talented musician, but she is also known for being a trendsetter. Her popularity first came to prominence after she won five Grammy awards. She is also an active philanthropist and has helped raise over $148 million for the World Food Program. With her kind heart, we’re not surprised that she got blessed with such a beautiful home.

Several magazines have featured Christina Aguilera’s 11,000-square foot home merely because of its unique features. The property has a walk-in closet the size of a big bedroom. She also has some rooms furnished in purples and pinks to give them a touch of femininity, several luxurious furniture, and state-of-the-art equipment. With her massive net worth, it’s not surprising that she has a knack for profitable investments. We’re also pretty sure Christina will continue expanding her portfolio in the years to come.


Samuel L. Jackson is one of those Hollywood actors that do not need any introduction. He has proven himself in the industry by creating a legacy. Thanks to that legacy, Samuel is now worth approximately $250 million. He has done some excellent investment planning in his life, as evidenced by the countless expensive properties he has to his name. He and his wife Latanya are currently living in a lavish 11,738 square foot home in the Beverly Park neighborhood in Beverly Hills, California.

The property is worth $8.35 million and has three separate structures. Today, this property is approximately worth $30 million. A detached garage surrounds the main house, while the pool is beside the guest house. It also includes a regular-sized tennis court and a breathtaking view of the California hills. In 2005, the couple spent $4.8 million to acquire another multi-color condo unit in Manhattan. Indeed, this luxurious mansion is one of the proofs of the actor’s diligence over the years.


John Travolta is one of the most iconic actors in Hollywood. Born on February 18, 1954, Travolta isn’t only skilled in acting. He is also an aviation-enthusiast, a singer, and a dancer who is known for his movements and style. We may not have seen him in the spotlight for quite some time, but Travolta is surely far away from bankruptcy since he has gained an immense amount of savings from all his roles over the decades.

With a net worth of $170 million, it shouldn’t be a surprise that he could afford all the luxurious things he wants. One of which is his home in Florida bought last 2001, making him and his wife, Kelly Preston, one of the first owners of a Jumbolair property. Travolta’s property even has its own runway! Parked outside is his Boeing 707. Not to mention the 7,550-foot-long paved runway that can accommodate an aircraft even as big as a Boeing 747 or his own 707 Jetliner. Inside the house is its main living area, known as the great room that showcases tall curved walls and ceiling to floor windows, enabling guests to have a panoramic view of the front yard. [Text Wrapping Break]


One of the most remarkable actors in Hollywood is Morgan Freeman. He already has dozens of film roles under his name, and on top of that, his voice is, without a doubt, the most recognizable one. On several occasions, it has even been dubbed as the “voice of God.” With no signs of retirement yet, there is no doubt that Freeman’s net worth will only skyrocket in the coming years.

The renowned actor owns a 124-acre land in Mississippi, which he turned into a sanctuary for bees. According to reports, he uses the area for his passion for bees that started small in 2014, but it’s clear that he now has developed a passion for it. Currently, the Driving Miss Daisy star maintains hives and plants that are safe for bees. We have to give him credit for making such a considerate and environmental-friendly move since the bee population has been spiraling down in recent years. Freeman’s ranch is one of his investments, and it is safe to say that he will not be having problems with finance, given his $200 million net worth.


George and Amal Clooney are one of Hollywood’s legendary couples. Both are very much successful in their respective fields. After being for six years, and with no signs of contacting any separation lawyers, they recently bought a £10 million property in London. This estate is just one among the many prime real estate pieces they own. The house sits on a 5.5-acre land in the middle of the Thames. The Grade-II mansion was first built back in the 17th century and went through an 18-month-long renovation by the couple.

Let’s now move on to the details. To start, the house has 11,000 square feet of indoor space, including the master’s bedroom with an ensuite and dressing room and eight other bedrooms with their own bathrooms. They also decided to have it renovated by adding a cinema, a grand terrace, and a new pool. Of course, the power couple has top of the line home security systems added to their lavish home like 14 CCTV cameras around the whole state and full-time security in their gated private island.


Is there anybody out there who doesn’t know who Heidi Klum is? We bet not. The TV personality and former Victoria’s Secret model is not only a popular head-turner, but she is also business-savvy. The stunning beauty certainly knows where to put her investments. She previously sold her house for $24 million and bought a $10 million house where she currently lives in Los Angeles.

Her home has eight bedrooms, luxurious amenities, and a children’s playground. Having a net worth of $90 million, she can surely afford a premium home security system for her protection. We guess it is safe to say that she will not have any problems with her finances and properties, given all these precautionary measures. With the global health scare forcing us to stay at home, there are only a few choices of activities we can choose to prevent us from getting bored. Having a lavish house is certainly one way of keeping us sane. In Heidi Klum’s case, she could probably stay at home and have a lot of things that would keep her entertained.


The famous pop star Britney Spears has gone through a lot in life, which is why she deserves the best privacy. She experienced some ups and downs throughout her singing career and in life. Fortunately, the Princess of Pop must have an excellent financial advisor, as no news of bankruptcy has ever surfaced about her. Despite all this, she is still under her father, Jamie Spears, and a conservatorship, together with attorney Andrew M. Wallet.

As for her house, she owns a $9 million, 12,464-square foot home fitted entirely in marble and regal architecture in California. The property looks like an Italian villa which has a gorgeous garden and fountains. Overall, the estate houses five bedrooms, eight baths, a chef’s kitchen, a breakfast room, a library, and a wine cellar. Oh, by the way, it also has three green golf courses. If you ask us, this house is just fitting for the iconic superstar!


One of the most prominent actresses in Hollywood is Nicole Kidman. She had worked on different roles in blockbuster films, which all have contributed to her long list of filmography and an even longer array of awards. Her dedication and talent have been paid back with a considerable net worth to boot.

The Big Little Lies actress also has a knack for money management and investing. Kidman owns different properties in different locations, such as her $6.5 million mansion in Southern Highlands, Australia, a $4.7 million villa in Beverly Hills, and a $4.8 million farmhouse. Undoubtedly, all of these properties will help expand her portfolio together with her musician husband, Keith Urban. Have we already mentioned that she has a shining $250 million net worth?
Part of her vast fortune is spent on the upkeep of her estates, such as her palatial abode in Australia. Her $6.5 million house measures 10,925 square feet and comes with seven bedrooms, 8.5 baths, a tennis court, and a swimming pool. Probably the most fantastic feature of her Australian mansion is the rustic farmhouse architecture.


Drew Barrymore is also one of the actresses in Hollywood that started her career at a very young age. With that, she absolutely deserves the $125 million net worth. Just like any other person, however, the acting prodigy also experienced some downfalls all throughout her life. She underwent contacting some lawyers to handle messy marriage separations a couple of times.

After her last parting with Will Kopelman, Barrymore put her property in California for sale, which has a selling price of $6.35 million. Now, it has been reported that the estate is still on sale with a cost of $9.9 million. Surely, Barrymore still has different possessions under the real estate business, so this sale is not a big deal. The house is a barn-style property that is located in the Hamptons, which was originally built in 1920, and it comes with six bedrooms. The Charlie’s Angels star stated that she adored how the design of the house resembled an old barn and how she immediately fell in love with the estate’s history.


Jane Fonda is a famous actress, former model, and political activist. She must have a financial advisor to take care of her wealth and aid her with financial planning, seeing as the actress has stacked up on savings from film earnings over the decades. Fonda recently put her famous Beverly Hills mansion for sale with a price tag of $13 million, but she also bought her new home in SoCal for $5.45 million.

After breaking up with her longtime partner, Richard Perry, and saying her farewell to the house they shared, the acting veteran said her welcoming greetings to her new home. The Mediterranean-style townhouse is 6,679 square feet and has a lavish interior design. It is painted in white that is combined with wood to give a clean and warm feeling. The property has a three-car garage, two bedrooms, and a master suite with a balcony and an office. The breezy vibe is felt throughout the house, where you can find many windows to enjoy the spectacular view.


Peyton Manning is one of the most successful athletes in the National Football League. He already played for 18 seasons before retiring in 2016. Manning is currently residing in a 16,464-square-foot house in Denver, and the property is worth $4.5 million. The two-story Georgian mansion that stands on 3.37 landscaped acres has seven bedrooms, ten baths, a huge garage, an entertainment room, and its own wine cellar.

Not to mention, Manning is also known as a pet lover, and his dogs have their private room to make sure that they are comfortable. He must have also installed a high-end home security system to surround the property. With his net worth is $200 million, the NFL superstar has no problem securing the best amenities for himself and his loved ones. If he decides to expand his real estate portfolio, this might not be the last house you’ll be reading about the star athlete.


American businessman Rick Harrison’s Las Vegas home used to be his dream house, but he is now selling it for almost $4 million, nearly twice what he paid for. This is clearly one of his best investments. The house is located near Ann Road and Durango Drive. Surprisingly, the home used to be a Mormon Church property until the Pawn Stars star bought it.

The lavish estate is the epitome of suburbia, circa 1985. It has a circular drive that leads to the house’s white-columned entry with a large lawn, sculpted hedges, Greco-style banisters, a balcony, iron fence, and brick façade. The interior also features a master suite, sizable kitchen, living room, dining room, family room, two stairways, and an office. It is quite an asset for Harrison, aside from his pawn business. Obviously, it’s not a surprise for the pawn master to have this expensive house as he is worth an estimated value of $9 million.


Barry Weiss is both a charismatic and wonderfully humorous riddle cloaked in a mystery inside an enigma. The more you know about the man, the more mysterious he becomes. Weiss became famous because of his skills and his show Storage Wars. He then starred in the spinoff series Barry’d Treasure and later appeared on Storage Wars: Barry Strikes Back. All his hard work paid off with his net worth of $10 million, which might seem small compared to other characters on the show.

It is because he keeps the majority of the items he wins. He must also have good savings skills as he owns a property in Beverly Hills with a $1.8 million price tag. His house is located in an exclusive Laughlin Park neighborhood. It was initially built in 1928 and had four-bedrooms. Weiss must also be complete with a homeowner insurance policy, and mortgage might not be a problem as he handles his money well.


Guy Fieri is a well-known restaurateur and one of the most prominent celebrity chefs in the country. With his successful career, he was able to amass a net worth of $8.5 million. Fieri co-owns over 40 restaurants and is a co-executive producer and a host for the show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives by the Food Network. No wonder he can easily afford real estate investments, one of which is a property in Santa Rosa for $1.1 million. This house has a Mediterranean style and spans 7 acres.

His 2,300 square-foot home features three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a fireplace. The celebrity chef’s abode may not have many rooms, but he has a vast land for gardens, olive trees, and different kinds of fruit trees. The interior space is also enough for his family of four, and probably a colossal kitchen where he can do his favorite hobby: cooking.


Leonardo DiCaprio is, no doubt, one of the most famous actors worldwide. After playing different roles in blockbuster films, he has a high net worth amounting to $260 million. The Titanic star owns an entire island in Belize that measures 104 acres in total, which he named Blackadore Caye. He bought the whole island for $1.75 million back in 2015 and is planning to restore the island suffering from over-fishing and deforestation of the mangrove trees.

It has been reported that the island will have a hotel, 36 resort bungalows, and 36 estate villas, with details like circadian lighting. The island will serve as an eco-resort and is planned to be open to the public in 2020. Many have been waiting to go and see what’s in store. It is safe to say that DiCaprio has made suitable investments with the property, which at the same time, will help the environment.


Chuck Liddell is a famous American UFC champion. As part of the UFC’s Hall of Fame, he is considered one of the richest MMA fighters. Although he retired a few years ago, the UFC superstar made a wise move to put some of his earnings in different investments. Liddell purchased a 5,000 square-foot mansion located in Hidden Hills, which is a fancy neighborhood. His property has a total amount of $2.6 million. Inside his house are a spa, library, and office space.

Just north of Calabasas, you will find Liddell’s humble abode. The house has five bedrooms, five baths, a vast pool, vaulted ceilings, and a basketball court where the Iceman plans on practicing his dunking and shooting skills. With a big house, we are pretty confident that the former UFC champion has the best amenities and surrounding protection. Though, we don’t think he’s going to need it anyway since he can easily take any robbers down.


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is one of the celebrities who has done it all. From a successful wrestler to being a successful actor and even a singer in the film Moana, he is one multi-talented celebrity. Johnson’s net worth of $280 million is proof that he is a prominent star in the industry. The multi-talented celebrity owns a 13,000-square foot mansion in Florida with a $3.4 million price tag. It is perfect, considering the sheer size of The Rock. Some of the most notable qualities possessed by the property include six bedrooms, a fully-equipped gym, seven bathrooms, an extravagant garden, and a 14-seater theater. No celebrity mansion is complete without a luxurious pool, right?

The Rock surely needs a place where he can cool down since Miami’s weather is known for being pretty hot. Given his studded net worth, the former wrestler will no longer have to worry about declined credit cards and other financial problems he used to face back when he was still an unknown face. The Rock has truly come a long way from wrestling his way to riches and eventually becoming the second-highest-paid actor in the industry.


DJ Khaled is not only a social media personality, hip-hop star, music producer, but it seems that he also has talent when it comes to investments. He has multiple properties all over the world. Khaled owns a $10 million estate in Beverly Hills, a 10,681-square foot Mullholland mansion that he bought from the British Singer, Robbi Williams. It has seven bedrooms, eleven bathrooms, a housekeeper’s quarters, and it stands on almost three-fourths of an acre.

On top of that, the property also has a recording studio and media room, a vast pool, an outdoor kitchen, terraced patios, and a spa. Inside the house, you will see a massive kitchen with three ovens, two stoves, and just everything you can imagine for a $10 million estate. We can only imagine the level of maintenance needed in this house! Despite the cost, we’re sure that the successful DJ will have no problems keeping up since he has an ever-escalating net worth from all of his ventures.


Kate Upton is one of the world’s most famous models. She and her husband, Justin Verlander, had purchased a home in Beverly Hills back in 2016 for $5.5 million. The house was previously owned by musician Kenny G and was originally built in 1976. If that’s not cool enough for you, then wait until you hear that the property is located next to Vin Diesel and Gene Simmons’ house! While the house is far from being the largest mansion on the planet, but Upton and Verlander’s estate has five bedrooms, six baths, a swimming pool, tennis court, hot tub, koi ponds, and other luxurious stuff that you think you can find in a celebrity’s house.

It goes without saying that handling a massive amount of net worth as well as maintaining the repairs for existing properties can be quite a handful to do alone. We wouldn’t be surprised if Kate might also have a financial advisor to take care of her wealth and help her with financial planning. After all, she is quite busy with her career.


Joaquin Phoenix’s love for real estate investment is easily noticeable as he has amassed lots of properties over the years. He even purchased a $1.39 million on March 29, 2013. It is reported to be co-owned by his sister, Summer Phoenix, and was built in 1903. We don’t know why he wanted to purchase the house, but maybe, it’s because he also wants to create a compound made up of multiple high-priced properties. Joaquin made some renovations such as a new kitchen and baths, new appliances, and some unique touches.

Given all the hard work that he does, he truly deserves the millions in his net worth. Joaquin might also not have a hard time paying the mortgages. After all, he did find a lot of success and won the Best Actor Golden Globe award in his 2019 film, Joker.


Another superhero who has a luxurious home is Chris Evans. Playing the role of Captain America, Evans became one of the prominent celebrities to date. Ever since Evans got the part of the beloved Marvel superhero, there has been an increase in his followers, which have been continuously keeping up with his life. Having a net worth of $70 million, his $3.5 million property is undoubtedly easy for him to purchase. Since the hunk actor loves to cook, he has a huge kitchen that is complete with top-of-the-line amenities and appliances like a burner designed with electronic reignition.

Evans also made sure to have a clear look at the gorgeous view outside as he had installed large windows. With all the luxurious stuff inside his house, the insurance might be quite expensive, but given his exceptionally high net worth and a long slate of future films, it will not be a problem for the star.


At 26 years old, Parker Schnabel became a millionaire from mining gold. He rose to fame when he appeared in the show Gold Rush. The TV series presented the time when the people in the Wild West are mining gold. Here, Parker began to live his mining dream. He must have great money management skills and is good with financial matters, as he started to invest in real estate. He stated that he is not fond of buying expensive things like gadgets or cars that he does not need.

This policy even extended to having a house. The mining star was living in caravans and trailers until he finally decided where to buy his house. Now that he is worth $8 million, Schnabel purchased a $950k property in Alaska. His home has two swimming pools. With his good financial strategies, it seems like Parker is set for life, and we couldn’t be happier!


Bruce Willis is one of the living legends in Hollywood. He had played dozens of roles under his name. In our opinion, his net worth of $200 million is just proof of how fruitful of an artist he is. Possession of several properties tends to be a usual trend for many celebrities, but having a substantial real estate portfolio can get quite expensive, even for stars. Such is the case with Bruce Willis, who is selling his $12.95 million house located in Bedford, New York. The estate sits on a 13,971-square-feet of magnificence designed by LTW Design.

The current handling of this transaction only proves that Willis is also good with investment planning. Without any plans of retiring and still playing roles up to now, the Sixth Sense lead actor is still in his acting prime. It is safe to say that his net worth will continually increase over time, given how he is still a sought-after Hollywood figure.


Jared Leto is known best by the public for his dedication to artistry. Branded as an eclectic artist due to his method acting, he owns a $2 million-worth property in Hollywood Hills. It has tropical landscaping, a full bar, and a gigantic pool. The mansion also has an entertainment room that fits his often rockstar attitude. On top of that, it holds a recording studio, as well. It is safe to say that he might have installed a home security system to secure his property. Having a net worth of $40 million, he must have some different investments.

One astounding thing about this property is that it comes with quite the history. It is a former World War II military base constructed back in 1904. It was formerly the site for the Lookout Mountain Air Force Station, which was tasked with documenting bomb tests through videos and photos. Over the years, it has transformed into what it is now: Jared Leto’s humble abode.


Mandy Moore is also one of the successful artists in both the music and film industry, so it is no surprise that her net worth and credit score are high. After searching for almost a year, Moore finally found the perfect spot for her and her husband, Taylor Goldsmith, to start a new life together. It is located high atop a hill in Pasadena, in a definitive 1950s home with extensive vistas of the San Gabriel Valley and mountains.

She bought the house for a whopping $2.5 million, and there is a good reason why it’s crazy expensive. Her cozy home has a pool, backyard, a posh office space, bathroom, kitchen, and a huge master’s bedroom. Moore might even have made the home safe and secured for her and her family’s protection. With a cozy home like this, Moore and Goldsmith are surely excited to welcome their first child here.


Drake is one of the most famous artists in the music industry today. Having a net worth of $150 million, he could surely afford to live a luxurious life. Thus, he is smart when it comes to investments, as he spent some of his hard-earned money in real estate. The Grammy Award-winning artist owns a paradise home that sits on a three-acre of land. The $7.7 million property in Hidden Hills is complete with a tennis court, a grotto, a cavernous wine cellar, a library, a screening room, and a gym.

His pool area is one of the most luxurious pools that you can see all over the world, designed to outdo the notorious pool that Hugh Hefner owned. His huge pool is enough to host his epic pool parties since Drake is neighbors with some celebrities such as Justin Bieber, the Kardashian clan, Kanye West, and many other famous folks.


Miley Cyrus is one of the gems in the music industry. When she was still with his former husband, Liam Hemsworth, the ex-couple purchased a $2.5-million house in Malibu back in 2016. Unfortunately, it was caught in a California wildfire. They surely secured insurance for their home, and it might aid them in rebuilding it, just like how their fallen relationship needed to be restored.

After the tragic event, Cyrus could only sell her once lavish home for only $1.7 million and lost almost a million dollars from the value. It was so unfortunate that they had to sell since the room was so airy, designed with dark wooden aesthetics, and inspired with a ‘70s boho-style interior. Anyhow, with her net worth of $160 million, it would be easy for Cyrus to look for a new property again. However, she might rebuild it on her own this time after she and Liam had officially broken up.


Ryan Lewis is a famous musician, producer, DJ, and the non-Macklemore half of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Thanks to his hard work and talent, he now has a net worth of $22 million, and money management may be part of his skills. He puts his hard-earned money into buying a $3.3-million estate in Seattle, which value now grows at $7.5 million. Talk about a price hike, right?

After buying the property, Lewis has done a lot of extensive remodeling by adding gold-leaf ceilings, taxidermy, and some lions. The luxurious property takes up 7,000 square feet and has a recording studio, marbled floors, leafed ceiling, and five huge bedrooms. It is safe to say that he will not worry much about financing this huge house with his net worth. However, with his busy schedule, he may have an advisor or someone who he trusts the most to take of his finances and other stuff.


Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are one of the power couples in Hollywood, and they have both been in the industry for quite some time. Given the success of both their careers, they have a combined net worth of $265 million. They surely have excellent money management and must have an outstanding advisor to help them with the financial plans.

One of the business ventures the couple tries to get their hand into is real estate. The two have several properties, including their Beverly Hills home, built around two decades ago. The $10.22-million place is 7,351 square feet and has three bedrooms and four bathrooms. Their house for the past six years has been listed for a staggering $13.995 million, which is not surprising at all given that the location is one of the most expensive places in the world. Their neighbors are high-profile and A-list celebrities, too, just like them.


Halle Berry is no doubt one of the best artists in the industry. Thanks to her massive bank account, she now owns a Malibu house and keeps it up to now. Who wouldn’t? She has all the access to a private beach and a living space of 5,000 square feet. It also has five bathrooms, four bedrooms, a jacuzzi, and a spa, a perfect house where she can have a lot of room and space to raise her two kids, Nahla and Maceo.

Purchasing this property seems to be smart for investment, proving Berry to be good in handling her finances. Berry first bought the estate in 2004 after her former Hollywood Hills home was undergoing renovations. She purchased it for $8 million after being recently remodeled at the time. After all her hard work, she truly deserves a net worth of $80 million and a cozy home where she can relax.


Mark Wahlberg is not only one of the greatest actors, who has become a household name. He has been everything from an actor to Calvin Klein Model to a rapper to director, and to a producer. He also happens to be a great businessman. He has different investments, such as real estate and family businesses.

One of his properties is the beautiful Richard Landry Estate that sits on a 6.14-acre lot in the gated community in Beverly Park. The 30,000 square feet property is pretty much huge for his family of six, and the entire property has 11 bedrooms and 18 bathrooms, which is large enough to house the whole Wahlberg clan to come and stay. The main house features a French estate that is built from stone. The interior has all the luxurious decors that you would expect. It may have a high insurance cost, but it is not a problem for Wahlberg at all.


Adele is also one of the most successful artists in the music industry. She had won multiple Grammy awards and different awards from prestigious bodies. Thanks to her hard work and undeniable talent, she has amassed a massive net worth amounting to $190 million. With that wealth, she is also smart with handling her finances and made some real estate investments.

One the properties that she has is her $9.5-million mansion in Beverly Hills, the original Beverly Hills mansion in 2016. Adele’s house has two living areas, four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a dining area. The Chasing Pavements singer shared a few glimpses inside the luxurious property through her Instagram photos. She surely pays high for the homeowner association, but it may not be a problem, with the amount of money she is bringing home. Adele is now neighbors with other celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Katy Perry, Nicole Richie, and Cameron Diaz.


Duane Chapman and his late wife Beth Chapman became instantly famous as Dog the Bounty Hunter. The couple had a combined net worth of $8 million. After their wedding, the couple bought their first home in Hawaii. However, their property was undisclosed to the public, but it was reported to be a multi-million-dollar home. The fact is that Duane and Beth agreed to purchase the house in 2015 from a couple named Craig and Karen. However, instead of a regular mortgage through a bank, the Chapmans were making payments directly with the Mills. Unfortunately, Beth passed away at the age of 51, leaving Dog alone.

Dog is currently planning to sell their home as he is still mourning his wife’s death and probably can’t stand living in the house he once shared memories with her. The two surely had made great memories in this house that selling it is probably that last option he has to move on.


Novak Djokovic is one of the most outstanding tennis players and is a 16-time Grand Slam champion. Thanks to his financial status, he can surely afford any luxurious property that he wants. He must also have a reliable advisor to take care of his $200 million net worth and do some financial planning.

Together with his wife, Jelena Đoković, he owns a luxurious Miami Beach villa in the sky at Eighty-Seven park in South Florida. His home consists of three bedrooms, three and a half baths, a huge dining room, a private garden, and all the luxurious amenities designed by the French firm RDAI. The Miami cosmopolitan paradise of mega yachts, celebrities, lower taxes, culture, fashion, and large harbors perfectly fits Djokovic’s lifestyle to the dot. It is safe to say that the property is also equipped with a high-end home security system to keep him and his family safe from paparazzi and evildoers.


Minnie Driver is also one of Hollywood’s great actresses who also happens to be good with money management. A few years back, Minni Driver sold what she called the “big old Spanish-style house in the hills,” where the actress previously lived for 18 years. She now owns a 1940s ranch house property in Hollywood Hills that costs $2.5 million.

The actress shared that she was drawn in by the British aesthetic of the house. With its unique style and the mansion’s cozy feeling, Driver’s home is gypsy-inspired, and The England-born designer Peter Dunham decorated every chair or drawing in the place. Both the actress and the designer share an eclectic aesthetic, making the house suit her style and taste. Having a net worth of $20 million, she may have equipped her home with everything that she needs. It may also have every luxurious thing and amenity that you can think of.


Jessica Alba is one of the beautiful faces of Hollywood. Her talent in acting and business enabled her to have a net worth of $200 million. In January 2019, the cofounder of the eco-friendly megabrand, The Honest Co., has made multiple investments, and real estate is one of those. She put her hard-earned money into good use and bought a $9.95-million home in Los Angeles together with her husband, Cash Warren.

To be honest, the couple didn’t share the same vibe with the previous owner. In fact, when the found the place on the first day their house hunting, it wasn’t even listed for sale since the sellers wanted to stage it first. Anyhow, Alba and Warren still ended up owing this house that they both badly wanted. The actress quickly got her hands dirty in the renovation. The property has all the luxurious things and amenities that Alba and her family deserve.


Meg Ryan is also one of Hollywood’s actresses that had a long career in the industry. With proper money management and excellent financial planning, she owns a property in SoHo. Now, Ryan’s SoHo loft is finally off the market, which she sold for a cool $10.9 million. She first encountered the loft apartment around 15 years ago when she attended a party there. She forgot all about it until she was looking for a house and stepped back through the door. [Text Wrapping Break]The loft had been through many eras and different house owners.

What is now Ryan’s coatroom was Cindy Sherman’s darkroom. The house features exposed brick walls, floor to ceiling French doors, and an elegant ebony wooden floor. Even though she was amazed and attracted by the volume and how it was like a New York cinematic, selling the property seems to be a good move for Ryan, earning her a good profit.


Jennifer Lawrence is one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood today. She had won her first Oscar award for playing a role in Silver Linings Playbook. She is also considered as one of the highest-paid actresses in the industry, which is why she could splurge on her $8-million Beverly Hills home. Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson previously owned the 5,500-square-foot property until they put it up for sale in 2013.

At the time, Lawrence was just starting in the industry, but she immediately scooped up the place. The five-bedroom house is a mix of the modern and traditional style, which gives it a homey feeling – a big step up for the actress from living in District 12. Having a net worth of $130 million, it is safe to say that she will not have any problems paying her new house’s mortgages. In fact, Lawrence will not even have the hard time to put all the pieces she wants here.


Keira Knightley is not only one of the famous and prominent actresses in Hollywood; she is also known for her romantic style and fashion choices. Her style seems to show in her posh apartment in Manhattan. Knightley’s $6-million home has a private patio and three bohemian style bedrooms, which dramatically reflects her personality. The 3,820-square-feet place is found in the trendy Manhattan TriBeCa neighborhood.

The place has a general modern air with geometric wooden emphasis. However, the beautiful floral wallpaper in the master’s bedroom makes it feel more homey and romantic. Plus, there is a lot of space outside and inside the apartment that she and her two kids, Edie and Delilah, can enjoy. Having this property only shows that Knightley is pretty smart with investment planning. As we all know, properties in New York are always in demand. She might not even have problems when it comes to paying her duties here, as her net worth as of 2020 is $80 million.


Lady Gaga is one of the most iconic stars in music and film. She had won both the Oscars and Grammys. In 2016, she bought an estate in Hollywood Hills for a price tag of $5.25 million from the great, late, and widely famous musician Frank Zappa. Zappa purchased the house during the mid-1970s for an estimated amount of $75,000.

The property sits on just over half an acre, includes a rambling, quasi-Tudor-style main mansion, which is 6,759 square feet, with seven bedrooms, a staff apartment, two separate guest houses, a pool, and an outdoor kitchen. Her home has a recording studio and includes a rooftop tennis court and an art studio. The homeowner’s insurance may be relatively high, but Lady Gaga will surely not have any problems paying it since she has an estimated net worth of $320 million. With her continuous hard work and massive success, Lady Gaga is surely up for far greater things.


Matthew McConaughey is another one of the prominent actors in Hollywood. Aside from acting, he is good with financial planning and money management as well, for he owns different real estate properties. Probably with the help of the best advisor in town, his $140 million net worth is a testament to how good he is in handling his finances. Among his properties is the $4 million-worth mansion in Austin, Texas, which was initially priced at $6.6 million.

The 10,000-square-foot estate, originally built in 1997 by Addizon Mizner, has a lakefront and carries a Spanish theme. It has seven bedrooms, a two-island kitchen, eight bathrooms, a massive courtyard, a water fountain, an elevator, and a guest house. Inside the Spanish-Mediterranean inspired mansion, you can find Texan influences in the marble counters, beige tiled floors, and spiral staircase. A short distance away from the main house are seven boats berthed near the lake.


If keeping up with the Kardashians may seem difficult to you, then you must find it impossible to keep up with their extensive property portfolio. One of the most successful families in Hollywood is the Kardashian-Jenner clan. Appearing in reality TV shows such as Keeping Up With The Kardashians, each family member is worth millions of dollars.

However, the youngest of the brood, Kylie Jenner, has already reached the $1 billion mark for her net worth, and she is just 23 years old. It will be no surprise that she will have different properties and various investments, thanks to her excellent financial management and planning. One of her properties is her $3.3 million home in California. Jenner’s property measures 4,851 square feet and has all the room for her shoes, make-up, clothes, and purses. She also will not have to worry about paying her duties and financial responsibilities with her huge net worth.


Emily Blunt and John Krasinski are one of Hollywood’s power couples. With no signs of contacting a lawyer anytime soon, the couple has been happily living together for ten years. The two have made pretty smart decisions on investment planning, especially when it comes to real estate. They owned a townhouse with a price tag of $6 million, which measures 3,990 square feet. It has open architecture and six bedrooms. They, too, have spent $300,000 on the renovation. There is no doubt that their property has a high value rate now, but it may be a good thing for them.

Blunt found her way into stardom by appearing in prominent movie roles throughout the years. You may have heard about Krasinski in the popular comedy TV show, The Office. The two have a complete contrast in film projects, but Krasinski has managed to gravitate toward more serious roles nowadays, just like his wife.


Seth Meyers is a famous comedian, writer, and actor. He is also a man with great style and good with investments. He owns a property in Greenwich Village, New York City. The location is near Washington Square Park, which is easy for him to walk around during his day off. His house measures 3,000 square feet with five bedrooms and a dashing view of the Empire State Building. Meyer has done smartly with his financial planning, mostly since he works within the city. In addition, as we all know, properties in New York are high in demand.

Meyers has been appearing on television for over 19 years now. The Late Night host also started in Saturday Night Live as a comic and head writer. No wonder Meyers can easily talk about a particular storyline with his guests. He also appeared in a good number of movies throughout the years, quickly increasing his net worth into what it is today.


Patrick Dempsey played the role of Dr. Derek Shepherd, a.k.a. McDreamy, in the TV show Grey’s Anatomy. By doing different projects, he was able to garner a net worth of $60 million. He also seemed to do well with investment planning as he owns a property in Malibu that costs $14.5 million. The property is situated on a five-acre land surrounded by beautiful gardens. The rustic style with earthy wooden floorings looks perfect with his luxurious furniture. Dempsey may not even have problems with money and loans to maintain his property.

He has had a long list of film and television roles throughout the years. Of course, he garnered and raked in his fair share of nominations and awards. Elsewhere, this celebrated actor also participated in a number of professional races! Dempsey even stressed out that his racing isn’t just a hobby. In fact, he competed in the American Le Mans! The 54-year-old star now plans to join more professional races in the future.


Harvey Weinstein is one of the famous film producers in Hollywood. He also happens to have different real estate investments. His home in New York costs $12.4 million, which is not actually surprising for a New York estate price. Having an estimated net worth of $240 million to $300 million, there is no doubt that Weinstein can afford different real estate and probably does not worry about paying for it. He must have the best advisors and legal counsels in town to take care of his paper works, given that he is such a busy person.

Weinstein has produced a plethora of movies since the 1980s. Throughout the years, he’s gathered his fair share of awards and nominations. However, he recently got himself into trouble. There’s even a documentary on eyewitness accounts of his wrongdoings. Regardless of how these ordeals fold out, we hope that he’ll get back on his feet once this entire hullabaloo has been sorted out.


Sylvester Stallone is one of the living legends in Hollywood. After appearing in several box-office hit movies, he garnered a net worth of $400 million. Also, money management and financial planning seem easy for him. He owns a $10-million house in Beverly Hills with nine bathrooms, six bedrooms, a massive garage for his expensive car collection, and a living space that is 16,000 square feet. It is safe to say that he will not be having a hard time paying his financial duties; neither will he need to borrow some money from the banks. Stallone’s lavish home may cost more than $10 million now.

What has the Rocky star been doing besides getting himself a luxurious Beverly Hills property? Stallone has continued appearing in films. He starred in blockbuster hits like The Expendables series, Rambo sequels, and Creed movies. He’s not stopping his film appearances anytime soon as he’ll appear in Suicide Squad in 2021.


Drew Scott is famous for working in the real estate world, being one of the home renovation program hosts titled Property Brothers in Canada. Of course, people expect him to have the best property. True to what fans expect, he owns a $2.3-million property in Los Angeles. The mansion has five bedrooms and four baths. His brother Jonathan did some excellent renovations inside. Together with his wife, Linda Phan, they’ve been saying that the property is “the one.” He surely has other investments aside from this house as he is good with handling his hard-earned money.

If there’s anyone that can scout the right property, it’s Drew. If he feels like the property is a good bargain, he should be able to snatch it up and make it look even better. He used his knowledge in building properties as leverage and eventually published three books. In turn, he has his TV appearances, his book royalties, and other side-hustles to generate income for him.


The other half of Property Brothers is Jonathan Scott. The 42-year old star is also a licensed contractor. He has been openly talking about the renovation of his lavish $10-million home in Las Vegas. The property has a guesthouse, an outdoor theater, a swimming pool, a pool house, and a sports center. Jonathan even handles the house’s roofing and other repairs to get the designs that he wants. He definitely knows how to handle his expenses well. He is also smart when it comes to renovations so that he can increase the value of the property.

Despite being a successful and popular licensed contractor on TV, Jonathan also has a major in business management. He also acts, creates music, and even does magic in his spare time. He surely won’t find himself easily bored when he’s not on the set of his famous TV show with his brother, Drew. Surely, his girlfriend, Zooey Deschanel, is very proud of him.


Legendary music icon Sheryl Crow does not only come from Nashville but also bought a property there. She owns a huge 10,264-square-foot mansion in Nashville, Tennessee. Her property is built inside a massive 50-acre land. As a singer, songwriter, and musician, her villa is complete with a piano room and, of course, a recording studio. It also has a guest house, spa amenities, and a swimming pool. There is no doubt that the property’s insurance may be expensive, but Crow will not be having a problem paying it, as well as her other financial responsibilities. She might even make the house secured for her and her family.

Crow worked on and released a long list of successful studio albums. Her music success led her to earn a $40-million net worth. She’ll surely have no problem paying for her huge estate as she’s still actively making music and performing to this day.


Jeremy Piven, famously known as Ari Gold in the comedy series Entourage, sure knows where to put his hard-earned money. His real estate investment in Hollywood Hills costs around $6.8 million. He added some great architectural features into his home, giving it a great look. Aside from the city’s excellent panoramic view, it also has an infinity pool and an outdoor living space complete with a spa and a fire pit. Given all the amenities that his house has, it is safe to say that he has the perfect security for it. Piven definitely lives in style, and he must be good with managing his finances to make all these come true.

Piven has extensive film and TV experience. With this fact, he quickly earned over $20 million. He won’t even have any trouble maintaining his beautiful home. Expect Piven to add more to his already substantial net worth as he has a long list of film projects for the next few years.


Pharrell Williams is one of the successful musicians in the industry. Having a net worth of $150 million, it is easy for him to get luxurious stuff. With his money management skills and wise financial planning, he purchased a property in Beverly Hills with a price of $15.6 million. The 17,245-square-foot land was sold to him by Tyler Perry. The house has a pyramid-shaped skylight, floor-to-ceiling glass walls, and angular ceilings. Williams also has five fireplaces in his home. Having that massive amount of net worth, he surely has all the luxurious amenities inside. Also, paying for it is not a big problem for the music producer at all.

Music isn’t the only talent that Williams has. The successful musician also has a knack for fashion. His endorsement deal with Adidas alone can help him maintain his luxurious home. As a celebrity with tremendous talent and creativity, Williams can be successful in any field he chooses to pursue in the future.


Lionel Richie is no doubt one of the best in the music industry. He truly deserves a net worth of $200 million. He must be good in investment planning and financial management, too, as he has different business ventures. He owns a Beverly Hills property, which he truly loves, and has an $11.4-million price tag. The mansion has ten bathrooms, six bedrooms, four garages, and being a musician himself, a recording studio. The house carries an elegant vintage Italian style with an ornate ceiling. The columns are also complete with 18th-century furniture. Having a place like this, Richie may be paying lots on homeowners’ association.

Richie has successfully made a name as one of the most successful and decorated musicians in history. His talent doesn’t only earn him a good fortune but a lot of accolades and honors as well. With his success, themusic icon is now taking it easy with his last studio album dating back to eight years ago.


Robert Downey Jr. is also one of the living legends in Hollywood. He may have gone through downtimes in his past, but he had successfully pulled himself up and became the hero that everybody loves, Iron Man. Now that he is one of the highest-paid actors, he can surely afford all the luxurious things with his net worth of $300 million. He owns an elegant and iconic home in East Hamptons, sitting on a four-acre land. It has seven bedrooms and four bathrooms. RDJ must have a financial advisor to help with his wealth and financial planning, as he is quite busy with his work.

His future as “Tony Stark” and “Iron Man” draws a lot of question marks as his character died in the last Avengers movie. RDJ will surely be fine with a reduced role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as he also has several other film projects to work on over the next few years.


Jessica Chastain had made her name big in Hollywood. She played different roles and was considered Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in 2012. Given all the list of credit under her name, she was able to achieve a $40 million net worth and have put her money into good use. Chastain owns another property in New York City. The 6,600-square-foot property has seven bedrooms, a light-filled living room, and a private backyard. She must have the best adviser in town to help her with future plans. After all, paying for all the things that she wants is on the least of her problems.

The 2010s have definitely been nice to Chastain. She starred and played a significant role in several blockbuster films throughout the decade, like Interstellar, Zero Dark Thirty, The Martian, and many more. She has a long list of projects in line for her over the next few years. Expect to see Chastain on the big screen again and again over the next decade.


Scarlett Johansson also played one of Marvel’s superheroes like Black Widow. She is one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood who is also wise in investment planning. She owns different real estate properties, and one of them is located in Los Angeles with a price tag of $3.8 million. The 3,500-square-foot property is tucked away on an acre of land. The two-story home has four bedrooms, four full and two half bathrooms, and an open dining room with an all-white center island kitchen. The master suite is on the upper floor that comes with a sitting area with a fireplace. The Hollywood sign can also be viewed from the step-up balcony.

Johansson’s film career allowed her to earn over $165 million. The Avengers star shouldn’t encounter any trouble maintaining her beautiful Los Angeles any time soon as she has all the means to keep it as stunning as it is.


The actress and former fashion model Diane Kruger is multi-talented and great with money management and financial planning. She owns a house in the hip area of Tribeca, New York. The $11.75-million property is an eco-friendly home that has an open floor plan with two bedrooms. It also has an enormous walk-in closet and a custom kitchen. There is no doubt that the property will have a higher value, especially for the location and renovations. Kruger looks like she won’t be having problems with maintaining this stunning place, thanks to her huge net worth of $24 million.

Where did Kruger get all of her money? The beautiful star has an extensive list of films from the German, French, and American film industries. One could say that she can easily adjust to whatever role she’s currently working on. She’s also raked up and won a ton of awards and nominations in her 20 plus years of acting.


You know Tobey Maguire from Spider-Man, right? Also a fan of real estate, the actor is fond of investing in different properties. Maguire recently bought a midcentury-style mansion in Brentwood, with a price tag of $6.9 million. Inside his newly purchased home are four bedrooms and five and a half bathrooms. It is also filled with open, light spaces with clean lines, hardwood, and polished concrete floors. It has a fireplace centered between two sitting areas with sliding glass doors to an outdoor patio. It is safe to say that Maguire will not have any mortgage problems as he has a net worth of $75 million.

What has the former Marvel actor been up to after all these years? Maguire gravitated towards producing. He produced a good number of blockbuster hits over the past decade. He also took a few roles here and there, but nothing significant would push him away from being a producer.


Aaron Rodger is a sports celebrity playing for the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League. He also has some real estate investments. He owns two properties: One is in Wisconsin whenever the football season starts, and then he goes back to his hometown in Del Mar when the game period ends. Rodger’s property in Del Mar gives him the relaxing mood that he needs. It has a spa with a sauna, a Jacuzzi, a basketball court, and a football field. It also features six bedrooms and four bathrooms. He must have paid a hefty amount with a huge property when it comes to homeowner’s association. However, it may not be a problem as his four-year contract is worth $134 million.

Rodgers is currently in his 15th NFL season. The 37-year-old is still going strong, even garnering MVP considerations. With his consistently high-level of play, he could still earn a few lucrative endorsements.


The rock star Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker is not only a successful musician, but he is also smart when it comes to investments. He has several real estate properties, and one is his $2.8-million house in Calabasas. The property has five bedrooms and six bathrooms. It also includes all the amenities such as a spa, a home theater, and a fitness room. Barker knows how to put his hard-earned money to good use. Given that he has multiple real estate properties, he also offers the ones he is not using for rent. It is safe to say that his net worth of $45 million will only increase with his business efforts.

Barker and the rest of Blink-182 recently got back together for a set of reunion concerts. He has also been busy working on other projects, even collaborating with modern artists today. Barker should continue to rake in money for all his work, royalties, and future projects.


Ciara is one of the biggest names in the music industry. She may not be in the spotlight, but she seems to have a skill in money management. She and her husband, Russell Wilson, are living in Bellevue’s Meydenbauer Bay. The mansion has a beautiful spiral staircase, a grand entrance that has been designed with a dramatic chandelier, and other luxurious things. There is no doubt that the lavish home comes with an expensive price to maintain, but it may not be a problem since the couple is working hand in hand in raising their family.

Ciara also has her fair share of successful studio albums and went on several tours. In turn, she earned over $20 million in her music career. On the other hand, Wilson has made around $100 million in his NFL career. Their household surely won’t encounter any problems maintaining their property with their huge net worth any time soon.


Jillian Michaels has a lot of work under her name. She is a businesswoman, a personal trainer, an entrepreneur, an author, a talk show presenter, and a television personality. Having a mind for business, there is no doubt that she is excellent in handling her finances and investment planning. She bought a $6.2-million house with glass-walled rooms that oversee the ocean. It also has four bathrooms and three bedrooms. Now, she is putting the property up for sale at a selling price of $8.775 million. With that purchase price and the given selling price, she had done a good deal. It only shows that she is doing great with business.

With the app industry flourishing at an all-time high, fans can only speculate how much money Michaels is truly making. One thing is for sure: she’ll be able to choose from a premium list of luxurious properties in the future.


Conor McGregor is one of the highest-paid athletes and a famed UFC fighter. He has been juggling his time living in Ireland, Dublin, and the U.S. Since McGregor does not live in the U.S., he chose to rent a Las Vegas house with an annual price of $1 million. The 12,000-square-foot home has six beds and four baths. It also has a fully-equipped gym complete with a sauna and a vast infinity pool with spa facilities. Having a net worth of $110 million, he surely won’t be able to skip rent. He may be renting in Las Vegas, but he has different real estate investments on hand.

Being the poster of the UFC surely comes with a ton of benefits. It also comes with a boatload of endorsements. Without a doubt, McGregor has all the resources in his arsenal to finance a $1-million rent until he has and as long as he wants to.


Gigi Hadid is also one of the most successful models. The 24-year-old supermodel already has a net worth of $19 million, and it looks like she is pretty smart when it comes to investment. She owns a $4 million apartment in New York. The 2,085-square-foot loft-style property has two bedrooms painted in neutral colors and surrounded by contemporary furniture. Hadid made the right decision to spend her money; she must have a financial advisor to help her as she is busy with her career.

Hadid also has a luxurious Los Angeles property. She can either enjoy New York or Los Angeles lavishly whenever she wants. The 25-year-old celebrity and model also has a $29 million net worth. With her presence and popularity continually increasing, it’ll only be a matter of time before she owns more luxurious properties. Surely, Hadid is all ready to go on different business ventures with her partner, Zayn Malik, and their kid by her side.


Vanessa Hudgens first rose to fame as Gabriela in the High School Musical film series. Not only is she multi-talented, but she is also good with investment planning. She bought a property in California with a $2.7-million price tag. The property features a Mediterranean style adorned with Moroccan and Tuscan pieces. The house also has six bedrooms that have a great view of the Los Angeles cityscape. After purchasing it for $2.7 million, Hudgens is currently selling it for $3.85 million. She might be selling the house, but she has some other properties. Having a net worth of $14 million, she must be good in handling her finances.

What has Hudgens been up to after her HSM stint? She has been continuously appearing in several films over the years. Hudgens also explored directing and producing. She’ll be the star and executive producer of the 2020 film, The Princess Switch: Switched Again.


Living each kid’s dream, Josh Hutcherson opts to own a luxurious treehouse. He purchased the property at $2.5 million that is located in Hollywood Hills. The treehouse has two bedrooms, a movie room, and two bathrooms. He may even have installed some expensive home security systems in it. Hutcherson is not only good in handling his hard-earned money but also in choosing the right property for him. He is currently selling the treehouse for $3.5 million. Given the location and the amenities, its price is quite reasonable. Even though he is selling this property, he sure has other real estate across the U.S. He might even have some people to help him keep track of his wealth.

Hutcherson is also a critically-acclaimed teen actor. He raked in a lot of awards for his contribution to The Hunger Games. He has also been appearing in other film projects and TV shows. Without a doubt, this $2.5 million property purchase is just the start of a bright future of acquiring assets.


Lucy Hale is best known for playing the role of Aria Montgomery in the famous series Pretty Little Liars. With her talent and excellent money management, she was able to retain a net worth of $6 million. She made a smart move when she bought a home in Los Angeles with a $1.7-million price. The 3,618-square-foot property is filled with lavish items. The master bedroom has its own fireplace and a spa-like bathroom, as well as a cabana and a saltwater pool. It may be small for some, but the inside is luxurious. Hale might also be paying pretty expensive expenses for it.

Hale has more talent to offer than her acting skills. She is also interested in making music. She released her own studio album in 2013, and she has participated in several soundtrack albums. It’s safe to say that Hale’s acting and music career should gravitate toward more success in the future.


Chloe Grace Moretz is one of the Hollywood actresses who started their careers at a very young age. At six years old, she already played a role on the big screen. With proper money management, she was able to maintain her net worth of $12 million and bought a $3.4-million property in Los Angeles. The house has an outdoor pool, a spa, and a waterfall. The 5,600-square-foot property has six bathrooms and five bedrooms. Moretz’s home might even have an expensive security to keep her and her family safe, especially when they are all away.

How did Moretz started? Fans were the first-hand witness in this beautiful actress’ evolution. She first started in innocent and adorable roles as a child star. Eventually, she gravitated to being a teen star, which led her to be the actress she is today. She definitely proved that she could achieve success in roles that are perfect for her age.


Julianne Hough is a multi-talented actress. The singer, dancer, and actress have a lot on her plate, and she deserves a net worth of $10 million. The celebrity is showing that she also has some talent in investment planning. She owns a $2-million property in Hollywood Hills. The 2,101-square-foot home has plenty of rooms for her and her husband, Brooks Laich. It might even have a high-end security to keep her safe. The homeowner’s expenses might be quite expensive, too, but her excellence in handing her finances and smart financial decisions can cover that.

Talking about her career, Hough was able to work on studio albums that peaked at the top five of the U.S. music charts. She also recently released a single back in 2019 that gained adoration from her fans and followers. As of now, her current focus is on increasing her presence on TV. The young star has been continuously appearing in TV shows like America’s Got Talent, Heartstrings, and Disney Family Singalong.


Hillary Duff is famous for playing the role of Lizzie McGuire. At a very young age, the actress-singer has already made her name in the industry. This helps her to own a property in Los Angeles that costs $6.2 million. The house is a 9,277-square-foot Mediterranean-style home with five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and a gym. It might also be equipped with a high-end home security system, especially now that she is a new mom. With her exceptional skills in handling her finances, the homeowner’s cost and other expenses may not be a problem at all. After all, her Los Angeles home may not only be her property as she is also a good businesswoman.

The former Disney star is now a mother of two. Her children will definitely have all the space they need for fun and learning in their massive property. Duff married award-winning singer, songwriter, and DJ Matt Koma. The couple is, without a doubt, more than capable of maintaining their luxurious home.


Bella Thorne may only be 21 years old at the start of her career, but she already shows some money management skills. Her net worth of $5 million may be even higher as she ventured into different businesses. She even bought herself a mansion of her own that costs $2 million. The property is 4,500 square feet, has six bedrooms and six bathrooms. It also has a wine room and outdoor living area complete with a pool and spa. Reports again surfaced that Thorne, together with her sister, is offering tours in their property for $50. It is also available for rent for photoshoots and parties.

Thorne recently started making music. However, she’s not letting go of accepting more film projects. We’re confident that the young celebrity can effectively handle a music and acting career together. She’s even expanding to other platforms as she became the first person to earn $2 million upon joining OnlyFans.


The Hollywood power couple Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady can undoubtedly afford all the luxurious things. The two have a combined net worth of $580 million, so it is no surprise that they own a $20-million mansion in California, complete with all the luxury amenities you can think of. The property is 20,000 square feet and has appeared in lifestyle magazines because of its unique architecture and design. It is eco-friendly with its own solar panels and a grey-water system. The couple has made some real estate investments. With no signs of parting ways, their combined net worth shall increase in no time.

Brady is currently in his 21st season as Quarterback in the NFL. He played for the New England Patriots in his first 20 NFL seasons, but he is now with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and signed a lucrative $50 million contract. Brady should have no problems maintaining his properties, including this one, with a ton of money continuing to come in.


Rachel Maddow is a famous anchor, who works alongside Brian Williams on MNSBC. Her success has been followed with her own show, The Rachel Maddow Show, on the same network. She is also responsible for writing the #1 New York Times Bestselling book, Drift: The Unmooring of American Military Power. With her good money management skills, she purchased a spectacular $3.2 million property in Massachusetts. Her home is filled with antique pieces, as well as an ancient bathhouse. She even considers the place to be the best place on Earth and says that she wants to spend most of her time in a rural area.

If there’s anyone competent enough to be talking about serious stuff, it’s Rachel Maddow. Maddow is a well-educated person, as evidenced by the fact that she went to some of the most prominent educational institutions in the country. Rachel Maddow is currently trying out different platforms. She recently started a podcast, and she’s currently juggling her schedule around her television and radio shows.


Justin Bieber started his career at the age of 13. The now 24-year-old, married-man made significant life decisions in real estate investment. Together with his wife Hailey Baldwin, the couple bought an $8.5 million property in Beverly Hills. Their home is 6,132 square feet with five bedrooms and seven bathrooms. It also has a sunken family room. The property also includes a wood-paneled library, home theater, and an Art Deco-inspired wet bar. The wine cellar of the home is decorated with Martinique print wallpaper that is said to have been inspired by the Beverly Hills Hotel. With his proper planning and money skills, it is safe to say that Bieber and his wife, Hailey, will not be having problems with money anytime soon.

In 2019, Bieber told the press that he will be taking a break from music. This break was for him to focus on “deeply-rooted personal issues.” However, in 2020, he announced that he’s currently working on his fifth studio album. It’s like Bieber never left as the now 25-year old immediately rose above the music charts.


Marshawn Lynch is a former football running back. Because of the success of his career, he was able to acquire a net worth of $30 million and was also able to make some great investments in real estate. Lynch owns a $3.3 million property in Richmond. The 7,000 square foot mansion has five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a home theater, and a boat dock. It is safe to say that it also includes an expensive home security system. With his net worth, it seems that it will not be necessary for him to apply for a home loan. He also won’t have any problems with paying the insurance and mortgages.

Lynch initially retired in 2015 from the NFL. Indeed, he made the most out of his retirement as he constantly appeared in several TV shows and even made cameos in some movies. He eventually went back to football two years into his retirement and played for the Oakland Raiders. Today, a lot of teams are looking to sign Lynch, and he’ll have an acting career and football career to manage pretty soon.


Eric Braeden lives in a Santa Monica mountain home. The 78-year-old star enjoys the place’s serenity, and his wife, Dale Russell Gudegast, loves decorating their 3,500-square-foot house. However, the Young and the Restless actor was forced to evacuate his home due to the devastating California wildfires. Earlier, Braeden shared a photo of the outside of his home on social media, saying he watered down the entire property to avoid the fires. But, his efforts went to waste after they fell victim to the Simi Valley Fires, too. Anyhow, he returned to their home safe and sound to celebrate Halloween with his grandchildren. His home insurance is secure, as nothing happened to his precious home

Braeden’s acting career dates back to the 60s. He was able to accumulate a long list of awards and nominations throughout the years. He’s continuing to perform and appear in a number of films and TV shows these days. To his credit, he’s not stopping soon, which is a testament to how he truly loves the industry.

Adam Sandler & Jackie Sandler – $12 Million, Los Angeles

When one talks about comedy in Hollywood, it will be difficult to not mention Adam Sandler. He has made millions laugh with his films, which include Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, and Big Daddy. Recently, he produced and acted in the Netflix film Murder Mystery with Jennifer Aniston. With his successful career, it’s not a surprise that he was able to buy a home in Los Angeles for $12 million. This mansion is now where he lives with his partner Jackie Sandler. The property is 12,860 square feet and features 14 bedrooms as well as 7 bathrooms. Even though it was built in the ’90s, the previous owners, Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, probably had great insurance to preserve its quality.

Adam continues to be active in the industry and has been active for the past decade. He has a long list of movies that he’s starred in, written, and produced. Without a doubt, he’s continuing his evolution, even branching out to modern streaming platforms like Netflix.


Oprah Winfrey is a celebrity that does not need any introduction. Her success story has touched the hearts of many. As we all know, her wealth is worth billions. Her “dream come true” house in California is worth $90 million alone after renovations. This is where she lives with her partner Stedman Graham. It is safe to say that all of the materials in the house, from the roofing to the floors, are top of the line. The furniture and amenities are also luxurious. Of course, she can afford all of it as she has a net worth of $2.7 Billion. The property is likely also equipped with the most expensive home security system.

It’s undebatable that Oprah has become one of the most influential people in modern history. She has a wide following, as well as several platforms and philanthropic pursuits. In terms of show business, she’s produced a long list of movies and even published a good number of books.


Wesley Trent Snipes is one of Hollywood’s most prominent actors. He is also a producer and an actor. He resides in a home in New Jersey that has a price tag of $10 million. Together with his wife, Nakyung Park, they are enjoying their beautiful home. The property includes a swimming pool, a home cinema, and an office. He may have also had his property installed with an expensive home security system, given the value of the house. Snipes’ net worth is $10 million, which means he must have good money management skills. The homeowner’s insurance policy is probably also expensive, together with the mortgage, but it won’t be a problem for him.

Wesley Snipes is one of the most decorated people in Hollywood today. He’s starred in a long list of movies. He’s also produced a good number of films. With his experience in acting and producing movies, it’s understandable that he won many awards and nominations over the past three decades.


Another legendary star, Tom Selleck, used to live in Hawaii since his iconic TV series, Magnum, P.I. started in 1980. Since he spent most of his time working in Los Angeles, he got tired of staying in hotels and bought an apartment that looked like a condo in the city

Selleck’s financial advisor must have agreed to his decision to hire the interior designer James Blakeley III to decorate his 1,800-square-foot apartment. After a year and a half, his place started to carry his own personality with its masculine design — it looked like an Edwardian Pied-à-Terre. It is complete with wood panels, oak parquet flooring, walnut cabinets, crackled tiles, duck decoys, Persian carpets, and many more design features that make it look as classy as Selleck himself

With Tom’s familiarity and tenure in the industry, he’s landed a good number of prominent roles. His acting career led him to earn over $45 million. He even once earned a staggering $150,000 per episode on Blue Bloods.


Robert William Barker, better known as Bob Barker, is one of the most famous and highest-paid game show hosts in America. His career started in the mid-50s, in the classic game show Truth or Consequences (1954 to1974) until he hosted the renowned show, The Price is Right (1972 to 2007). He’s hosted the aforementioned show for six decades, and this not only made him one of the most outstanding game show hosts, but it also gave him a great degree of financial stability.

Now that he is retired, he is said to be keeping to himself, luxuriating in a mansion he purchased a long time ago. At 97, he still has a net worth of $70 million. He owns property in Los Angeles, but the house’s price is unknown as he opted to live a private and happy life with his family. Barker will definitely remain an icon of popular culture because of his long history of hosting The Price is Right.

JOANNE WOODWARD – $9.9 Million, Westport

Joanne Gignilliat Triimmier Woodward is an American Actress who is said to be one of the most highest-paid actresses of all time. She always wanted to have a house of her own, but Joanne Woodward and her late husband, Paul Newman, share a riverfront property in Westport, which they have lived in for decades. It is one of the most unique houses in the area. The estate has an estimated value of $9,898,000 and it contains two houses and a barn. It spans 10.46-acre, and one of the places has an interior space of 6,442 square feet on a 7.34-acre plot.

Imagine the cost of their property insurance! Aside from the 200-year-old barn, they also have a first-floor master’s bedroom, four bedrooms, a wine cellar, a tasting room, five fireplaces, a porch, a pool, and a patio, two pergolas, a large guest house, and a view of the Aspetuck River.


The American reality TV show Fixer Upper is one of the most successful shows about home design on the HGTV channel. It was hosted by Chip Gaines and Joanna Gaines, who also have a lavish home. In some of the episodes, they gave viewers a sneak peek of their cozy farmhouse. They said they wanted to bring back the old-style house and twist it using elegance and style. Because of the show’s success, they have a combined net worth of $18 million. Their hard work paid off.

Thus, they spent some of their cash on renovating and designing their home. The Texas property is 1,700 square feet, and the lovely house gives off a warm and cozy feeling. It also has a beautiful greenhouse garden and a cozy craft room. The show helps them to design their home well. It goes to show that the couple is doing great with money management.


Remember Nick Nolte? He is an award-winning actor whose career skyrocketed in the ’70s. Until today, he continues to appear on-screen. In his many years of hard work, he was able to make a lot of investments, one of which was in a 6,000-square-foot Malibu home. The 2-acre property has four unique bedrooms, a cozy guest house, a library, a huge tennis court, and six different fireplaces in the living room alone. Most parts of the house are well designed and have a lot of history to them.

However, he listed the property on the market in the year 2013 for $5.995 million. It was sold the next year according to reports. After that, he transferred to another house in Malibu, a three-story house that was built around a giant sycamore tree. It had a different style to his previous home, but it has the same vibe and coziness. Further details, including the cost, are unknown because he wanted to keep this information private.


Diana Ross is a very famous and excellent artist who was famous for decades. She’s also an artist who sold numerous albums. She even got a lot of nominations and awards during her time. Diana has been living in Greenwich, Connecticut, for years. This is where she bought her massive five-acre mansion for $7.3 million. Her lavish home was built in 1930, and it is situated in the Belle Haven community. It has a Colonial style, complete with a tennis court and a vast swimming pool.

The kitchen was designed by Frank Gorshin, who played the Riddler in the Batman TV series. With its grandeur, the town priced it at $14.4 million. However, the Supreme Diva’s lawyer told the city’s Board of Assessment Appeals that the house wasn’t anywhere near their estimated value. Mellisa Klauberg said that despite its size (it had 11 bedrooms, six bathrooms, and five fireplaces) it is “nothing spectacular.” But for the diva herself, every part of her house is unique.


O.J Simpson is an American actor, broadcaster, advertising spokesman, and a great football player. Following the turmoil that O.J. Simpson experienced throughout his life, the former athlete now tries to live better. Thanks to his attorney, he was able to get the chance to start over. O.J. wanted to live his life again and wanted to go back to his usual quiet life. Well, he might not have all the luxurious things he used to own, but he still lives in a lavish and cozy home nevertheless.

Simpson now resides in his $1.8 million-dollar mansion in Las Vegas. The 5,000 square foot home lies inside a gated community with a private golf course and various amenities, including a pool. Houses inside the community where O.J resides are almost the same, yet the house’s interior is unique. The house is not too extravagant, though he surely knows how to invest for his retirement.


Clint Eastwood is a renowned actor and a living legend. He has a lot of films under his name. His $375 million net worth allows him to live a luxurious life at the age of 90 years old. Among his properties include a Mission Ranch located in Carmel, California. In the market, the “Hacienda Este Madera,” which translates to East Wood estate, has a whopping price of $9.75 million. The property is a 4.7-acre gated area in an exclusive location in Pebble Beach.

The house has Spanish style wooden doors, has multiple fireplaces, as well as six huge bedrooms, each with its unique design. The house’s old-style gives a lot of beauty and uniqueness to it, and some say the home is very detailed and neat. The high ceiling is designed intricately, and the high wooden beams were exposed as a highlight. Eastwood must have a superb home security system installed on this massive property.


CNN news anchor, Chris Cuomo, was at one point all over the news but not because he did something wrong. Rather, it’s because he was selling his beautiful Southampton home for $2.9 million. The 50-year-old journalist decided to put their lavish house on the market with the consent of his wife, Purist founder, and editor-in-chief, Cristina Cuomo, after buying it for $1.3 million. The 3,000-square-foot home was built in 2008 and had five massive bedrooms, four full bathrooms, wide plank floors, a fireplace living room that is very comfortable and cozy, and an eat-in kitchen. The two-story house’s master suite boasts a marble bathroom and two vibrant colored guest bedrooms upstairs.

The interior design of Chris’s home is exquisite and casual. Indeed, whoever designed this massive house put a lot of time and effort into planning the house’s structure as well as its intricate details. With a magnificent house like this, the new owner should prepare for its mortgage.


Eddie Murphy is an American actor, writer, singer, and comedian. He is one of the best comedians in the world. Eddie is also one of the industry’s highest-paid artists, so it was of absolutely no wonder he was able to buy an $85 million mansion. He also has multiple films listed under his name and has won numerous awards over the years. Murphy’s mansion, where he lives with his partner, Paige Butcher, started with $20 million. But with his investment skills and abilities, the price increased to a whopping $85 million.

He has done some modifications, renovations, and many improvements, most especially on the interior of the house. The mansion has both outdoor and indoor swimming pools and a large tennis court. It has a 5,200 square foot detached guest house that includes two additional suites. The interior design of the house has a touch of uniqueness and creativity. A lot is going on in this house, but Eddie surely knows how to handle his finances.

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