Learn How These Celebrities Lose So Much Weight Effectively That You Can Also Do

Most people are inspired to lose weight by their favorite celebrities. Whenever they see their much-loved stars shed off the pounds, they surely want to know how they do it. So, if you want to know how the Hollywood stars do it, then here it is.


It remains to be a big mystery how does Liz Torres loses the pesky weight. She surprised everyone when she debuted her new enviable body on the set of Netflix’s Gilmore Girls. Reprising her role as Miss Patty, people used to see her on the heavier side. However, her sudden body transformation made their jaws dropped. Liz has yet to announce the secret behind her diet, but there are rumors she went under the knife. Whatever she did, the most important thing is that she is happy.

No amount of credit score can match it after she finally managed to change her looks. Liz said in her 2000 interview that if they gain weight, nobody wants to look at them. Starting in 2008, her weight began to decrease, making her unrecognizable, especially when she attended the premiere of the Broadway show It Must be Him in 2010. Fans continuously love her more. Her iconic roles will always live on amid her weight loss.


Another star that people used to see a little heavy was Amber Riley. Thanks to her new diet, she managed to lose off the pounds—and a lot of it. She started eating healthy, and in just seven months, she began to dress sizes smaller, thanks to her hard work. Indeed, there is no amount of hard work that will never be paid and have the credits for.She decided to follow a diet when she visited a doctor due to her chronic stomach pains.

Here, she learned that the fast-food she was often eating took its toll on her health, attacking her stomach. Riley avoided eating junk foods and stopped eating pizzas and burgers as advised by her doctor. After she suffered intense stomach pains, she instantly changed her lifestyle and started following a proper diet, exercise. She also stopped eating foods with carbs. Riley now works out three to four days a week.


With her height, about 5 feet and 3 inches, Ricki Lake looked more relatively smaller when she packed on the pounds. She used to weigh 260 pounds, making her look like a little woman with a round body. As this badly affected her, she reached the lowest point of her life that she decided to change.In her desperation, she opted to follow a bad diet, which would help her lose weight fast. She starved herself to shed off the pounds.

She ate too little and worked out every day. Although she successfully turned from size 24 to 12, she did not feel healthy enough that she started thinking she needed insurance. The X Factor star said that she started gaining weight when she was nine or ten, and she was obsessed with foods, which contributed to gaining her weight. Since then, she exercises regularly and regulated how she eats.


As the king of entertainment rumors, Perez Hilton might have everything but not the body he wanted. He used to worry about his weight, struggling with the hefty pounds he had. In 2008, he promised himself that he would be healthy by eating the right food and following a good workout. Successfully, he lost 70 pounds in almost four years. Although it was quite long, Perez was satisfied with the result.

He no longer needed to save up or invest in a lucrative investment to go under the knife to make his weight loss more effective. He is now, reportedly, following a clean diet to maintain his fit body. Hilton said he worked seven days a week by going to the gym from Monday to Thursday and doing intense pilates every Friday and Saturday and Yogas every Sunday. As a result, Perez has maintained a fit body and never gained weight again.


Jonah Hill also struggled with his weight. He used to have a yoyo diet, looking thin today and fat tomorrow. However, Jonah knew that he could lose weight if he would only seriously do it. How? Well, he just had to let go of drinking beer. As this drink could make anyone pack on the weight by having too much, it was the culprit behind Jonah’s heavyweight. Hill was always criticized because of his physique, and he reportedly sought Channing Tatum’s help and tips on how to become fit.

According to him, sushi attributed much to his weight loss. Now, he is into running as a form of exercise to shed off effectively. For him not to give in to his cravings, he also made a diet plan. His nutritionist, alternatively, advised him to eat more fruits, vegetables, lean protein, whole grains, and low-fat dairy products that could help hasten the process. Now he only has to use his credit card to buy all of this stuff.


Missy Elliott now managed to work it (pun intended); that was why she lost a significant amount of weight. Fans used to see a heavy Missy when she was only making a name in the industry. However, after how many years in the business, she finally decided to lose the extra pounds. The famed rapper stopped drinking soda and eating bread. As she started drinking a lot of water, it helped her lose weight and develop healthy skin. She lost 30 pounds in 2014 and now had been maintaining her new body.

Credits to her determination, she finally made it. Her diagnostic of Graves Disease in 2008 made her change the way she lives by exercising regularly and not eating too much. This disease also contributed to her weight loss. She reportedly stopped eating her favorite meals to prevent her from gaining weight and now opting for much healthier alternatives.


When Rachel Frederickson joined The Biggest Loser, she might have the highest hopes to lose weight. Fortunately, it was a dream come true. Rachel followed a strict diet and exercise regimen when she was still in the competition. Her diet was not only a strict one but super healthy, too. The show’s dietician, Cheryl Forberg, made a special diet just for her. Although she was criticized for losing so much weight, Rachel felt great about her new body.

She lost a total of 155 pounds. Frederickson started in The Biggest Loser with a weight of 260 pounds. During her time on that show, she regulated her diet to 1600 calories per day, and she worked out every day for six hours in three months before the season finale. For anyone who wanted to follow her diet, you could search for an online class that would tell you what to do, but make sure it is from an expert.


A lot of people were surprised to see Celine Dion’s thin frame. Her fans even feared that something was wrong with her health due to her frail-looking body. She evidently emaciated dramatically, which gave birth to rumors and assumptions about her health. However, Celine shut down all the adverse claims when she revealed that her new love for ballet class made her lose weight. She is perfectly healthy, and there is nothing wrong with either her body or health.

She said that aside from singing, dancing is one of what her heart desires to do. For anyone who wants to lose weight, too, they should start taking online classes about ballet like her. She previously stated that dancing was part of her DNA and ruled out that she has an eating disorder attributed to the loss of her weight. Besides ballet, Celine plays golf as part of her physical exercise.


It is quite common for Matthew McConaughey to lose and gain weight for a new role in the movie. One of the most challenging parts he did in his film career was the 2013 drama history movie Dallas Buyers Club. At the time, he had to play the role of a gravely-ill patient, who looked very emaciated. So, to perfectly play this character, he managed to lose an astonishing three stones and eight pounds.

To achieve this, he started to eat a lot of fish, although only about five ounces of it, and a cup of vegetables twice a day. He was also working out intensely to hasten the process. He sacrificed his likes by controlling the food he used to eat. With his sacrifice, the movie became a hit, and a lot commended Matthew for his professionalism. By the looks of it, there is no role that he cannot do and will never do whatever the case may be.


When Kelly Clarkson started to follow a clean-eating diet plan, she successfully dropped 37 pounds a year. This method is called the Plant Paradox diet, which helped her to change her eating habits. After she was diagnosed with a thyroid condition and autoimmune disease, she decided to start eating healthy. So when she debuted her new fit body at the CMT Music Awards in 2018, everyone fell from their seat. Her diet did not only help her lose the extra pounds but also made her out of medication.

At least, she did not have to use her medical insurance anymore for it. The Plant Paradox Diet that attributed to Kelly’s diet was more of a procedure on keeping the food organic. She doesn’t need medicine to fight the autoimmune disease, and instead, she opted to eat a variety of foods to fend it off. It also gives her the freedom to eat what she wants, although in moderation. Of course, it also has to be healthy.


Kirstie Alley has the most relatable weight loss story. She can be fat one day and slimmer in the next few days. Although she has a famous name in the industry, she has been in the spotlight more because of her changing body weight. In 2004, she announced to the world that she lost 75 pounds when she followed Jenny Craig’s weight loss program but gained it once again. She lost weight once more when she joined Dancing with the Stars.

As she might have got tired of her yoyo diet, and after she experienced the ups and downs in trying to be fit, she finally found a diet that would be effective. What did she do? Simple, without needing the help of any insurance companies, she just stopped eating lousy food, like sweet treats, and overindulging. Cleary, following a healthy lifestyle, proper exercise, and perseverance, helped her maintain her slimmer body.


The Australian twin sister: Jessica and Lisa Origliasso, famously known as The Veronicas, have been known for having a thin frame since time immemorial. However, when they turned to be too small, a lot of people think they did not look healthy. They had, reportedly, experienced online criticisms due to their slimmer body. If they wanted to, they could use their lawyers to get back to those people at the time. However, they did not do so. Instead, they proved they were healthy by revealing the food pyramid they were following.

Jess follows a strict diet, while Lisa, on the other hand, eats precisely vegan food. Later on, these twins decided to eat only good fats, olive oil, avocado, and other nutritious meals. They also developed healthy eating habits and ate a lot of organic foods together. Now that they have become too thin, the people keep on accusing them of allegedly having an eating disorder and for overeating vegetables.


Credits to Dancing with the Stars, Sasha Pieterse started to lose weight when she began dancing with her partner, Gleb Savchenko. The star gained 70 pounds due to her Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, a known hormonal imbalance. Thankfully, she lost 37 pounds through the show. The weight loss made Sasha felt lighter on the scale and it did not just stop there. She lost another 15 pounds when she started competing for the whole season.

This did not only make her feel healthy but also to be herself again. She now feels good about herself after receiving a bunch of criticisms and nasty comments while trying to lose weight. Sasha then realized that she wanted to focus more on her health and weight than to manage the negativity. Later on, the people will now see that her body becomes more fantastic. There may also be much better results coming since she began to love herself more.


Like other expectant moms, Snookie started gaining extra weight when she got pregnant with her first baby Lorenzo. Fortunately, she managed to lose 42 pounds just by breastfeeding. It looked like Snooki hit two birds in one stone. Breastfeeding did not only make her healthy and lose the extra pounds but also helped her kid to have the nourishment he needed, not to mention it could also save her a lot of money.

Two months after her son was born, she began a 1,300-calorie diet per day. She also enthusiastically did a four-day per week regimen with her trainer Anthony Michael. To a certain degree, Snooki wanted to prove to her fiancé Jionni LaValle and people that she could be a fit momma just like others. she even confidently donned leopard bikini on the cover of a magazine and proudly share her pregnancy experience, along with a picture of her son.


American Idol season 10, runner up, Lauren Alaina, successfully lost 27 pounds in 12 months. How did she do it? She followed a super-effective diet and regular exercise. Everything started when she worked out on her own. She first lost 10 pounds. When she decided to work together with Chef Abby of Vibe Chefs and made her workout more intense with an exercise regimen with Oprea, she lost another 17 pounds. Apart from that, she strictly followed healthy eating habits, controlling the way she eats her breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Later on, the teenager surprises everyone with her body transformation. The only catch was she needed to use her credit cards to pay them, which would never be a big problem for her. With their help, it was easier for her to follow a high-protein diet, composed of lean meats, religiously. Now, since she already mastered how to control her body weight, she allowed herself to eat whatever food she wanted.


When Delta Burke was in her 20s, she faced several and personal issues. As a former beauty queen, Delta wanted to maintain her fit figure. Sadly, with her continuous weight gain, she took great measures to shed off the extra pounds that eventually took their toll on her health. Luckily, she had the right health insurance that helped her to go along the way. She did everything to fight all the negativity that she felt, feel better, and be herself again. Her secret, just a strict diet that did not only help her lose weight but be healthy, too.

Moreover, she also recreated her mindset and gave herself a pat on the back for maintaining the right weight despite the struggles she continuously faced. Delta made her mantra to think and live positively. She coupled this method with exercise and a healthy lifestyle so that the change and improvements could continue. Fortunately, these things were deemed effective. Delta managed to change the life that made her all the happier today.


When Dr. Dre decided he wanted to lose weight and gain muscle density, he hired a celebrity personal trainer. Together, they started a new workout routine and diet plan. Eventually, he lost 50 pounds that also helped him to be healthy again. It also aided in lowering his blood pressure. His new diet and workout made him feel much better about himself, lighter, and healthier. Now that he lost those pesky fats, it couldn’t be denied that Dr. Dre looked more handsome.

His perseverance and dedication to lose weight really paid off. Currently, Dr. Dre promised himself to stay healthy and continuously follow his exercise routine that brought back his confidence. It seemed like he was making an investment in himself when his doctors told him he looked in his 30s even if he is already in his 50s. The effectiveness of his diet and exercise indeed reflected on his looks and body.


The famous singer, Sam Smith, got the name “incredible shrinking Sam Smith” after he surprised everyone with his body transformation. He revealed that he worked hard to achieve his new look, and it was no easy feat. He also disclosed the fact that he suffered from an emotional eating disorder. Fortunately, all his hard work paid off, like a good investment. He committed to be healthy, following only healthy habits, resulting in losing a bunch of weight.

Sam followed the advice of the U.K.-based nutritional therapist Amelia Freer that helped him lose 50 pounds. He also followed Nourish & Glow: The 10-Day Plan, where he would make meals from scratch that would cut off gluten, dairy, and refined sugar from his diet. Today, after being used to a healthy lifestyle it helped him to continuously become fit. He could not to his long list of personal achievements that he already became a gym lover.


Aidy Bryant had done everything to lose weight, but nothing came effective. She spent her teenage years trying to fit in. She forced herself to be thin so that she could join all the girls her age who were showing a lot of skin, which she could not do. From here, she started to love herself. Instead of letting the negativity continued to affect and ruin her self-worth, Aidy chose to have self-confidence. She then became one of the most confident-body positive celebrities in Hollywood.

At the time, the actress felt she was spending too much energy on something that was not changing. When she finally reached her breaking point, she stopped worrying about her weight and accepted her look. Now, she only has to give credit to herself for loving her body and started working on a clothing line suited for the 12-14 size to showcase empowerment to someone who had experienced body shame.


To effectively drop off the weight, Pauline Quirke followed a weight-loss program, called LighterLife. Here, she followed a strict diet, composed of eating virtually nothing. She replaced her meals with very-low-calorie shakes and soups that helped her lost a staggering eight stones. Therefore, she began to trench her lousy diet habits and it tremendously yielded good results –finally attaining the healthy body she was dreaming of having.

Pauline’s health also came to play. Everything she badly felt about her body encouraged her to lose the pounds to improve her health and it did. To keep the weight from coming back, she started living the 80-20 method, eating only 20% of healthy food and 80% of the food she craved for. Fortunately, it was not a challenging task to follow. With a credit card in her hand, she could buy all the things she wanted and needed. Her new weight also helped her to land new projects.


You may know Gabourey Sidibe as one of the casts of the award-winning movie, Precious, back in 2009. At the time, she was about 300 pounds. To lose weight effectively and immediately, she decided to undergo a weight loss surgery called laparoscopic bariatric surgery, where half of her stomach is cut and removed in the hopes of decreasing its capacity to hold food. She lost a whopping 150 pounds or, at least, half of how heavy she used to weigh.

This procedure was also upon the doctor’s advice. She badly needed to go under the knife to control her weight. However, Sidibe might have opted for money loans for this expensive treatment, but it was all worth it. Aside from getting a slimmer physique, she also started to develop a healthier body. Isn’t she looking gorgeous and much slimmer compared to her old photos after losing tons of weight? Definitely, YES!


Extreme makeovers are not new to Hollywood stars even if it means gaining or losing weight for a project. To perfectly play her credit role in the movie, Bridget Jones, Renee Zellweger had to gain a lot of weight. She had to add 20 pounds of body weight in 2001 when she started filming, which meant she had to maintain a 4,000-calorie diet daily and eat more than four times a day! Hence, she might have taken advantage of her character’s demand and ate everything she wanted, from pizza to doughnuts to chocolates and even beer.

However, when the film was over, she had to return to her average weight again for her movie, Chicago. Renee started following a strict macrobiotic diet, where she only ate lean fish, rice, and vegetables. She also tried to combine different diets, like The Zone, Hamptons, and Atkins Diet. Coupling these eating hobbies with fitness and exercise routines, she successfully lost the weight she gained. Twelve months after, guess who’s bringing fit back?


Fans probably know John Bradley West as Samwell Tarly from the hit HBO TV series Game of Thrones. Who could ever forget the most adorable Grand Maestar of the Night’s Watch? Due to his weight, his character was also called Sam Ser Piggy and Prince Pork-Chop. Fortunately, he never had the same bullying experience in real life. Although this might not have affected John, he, reportedly, switch to a vegan diet. He, allegedly, was seen taking home a copy of PETA’s vegan starter kit after attending a Morrisey event.

The kit included a 30-day vegan diet pledge, and it might be the start of his new weight-loss journey, as he might have taken the path to a new him. Though he intended to support Morrisey’s beliefs of preserving the lives of the animals, he also did it to have a healthier lifestyle and lost weight in the process. To some degree, fans might continue seeing a slimmer John.


We all know Kevin James as a great comedian who starred in many popular shows and movies like The King of the Queens, Grown Ups, and I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. Then in 2012, the actor had to lose some weight to play the role of a teacher-turned MMA player in a movie called Here Comes the Boom. To make him the perfect start to portray the character, he had to lose 80 pounds and build some muscles.

Kevin needed the help of the real MMA trainer, Ryan Parsons, who never doubted Kevin’s ability. This was the starting point of Kevin’s weight-loss journey. Fortunately, Ryan has been receiving credits for this business, so he knows what to do with Kevin. He usually does fight training. Some Hollywood productions even consult him about MMA. With his talent, Kevin asked Ryan to train him like a real MMA fighter who would soon fight.


Solofa Fatu, best known as Rikishi, is an American professional WWE wrestler. He used to fight for the World Wrestling Entertainment, where he became a one-time Intercontinental Champion and a lot of more credits and honors. Being a member of the Anoa’I of Samoan wrestlers, the Rikishi is surely engraved in the history of WWE. As a wrestler, he needs to follow a balanced diet so that he can bulk up for any competition.

Rikishi had to build a body with the help of a healthy diet, and the right practice as some wrestlers use protein powders and other supplements to gain muscle. One of the diets known to wrestlers is Chankonabe, where they eat food rich in proteins, vitamins, and nutrients. Rikishi is not shy in sharing his successful weight loss journey with the public, saying that a regular fitness routine was his secret weapon. He lost over 125 pounds and is not stopping as he continues his program to lose more weight while still gaining muscles.


Kelly Price started as an American R&B and a gospel singer, and she is also a fantastic songwriter. She was too far from her body weight before, but she is now fit and slimmer, thanks to her healthy lifestyle. In a post, Kelly gave credits to a Facebook community called TransFat, which helped people who wanted to shed off the pounds by following a healthier lifestyle. This group was the support system she needed to stay on track and keeping her eyes on the goal.

This group is specially made for everyone who finds it hard to lose weight, maintain their new body, or even change their lifestyle. It also tends to help and support others who are experiencing the same problem. Kelly announced her body transformation by posting a stunning side-by-side picture of her body from 2018 and 2019 after she parted ways from her former husband, Brandon Blackstock, of 23 years.


A lot of people wonder how Timothy Spall dropped his weight off when he debuted his new body last 2017. The Harry Potter star, who played Peter Pettigrew, started to lose a tremendous amount of weight by changing his lifestyle and altering his diet. The body transformation did not only make him look slimmer but also changed his appearance. The fear of losing possible acting roles made the actor hesitant to drop some pounds in the beginning but then decided to push through with it.

Other than the fact that Spall wanted to live healthier, he also wished to take on new roles and to liberate himself from “certain shape” roles that were regularly given to him. Despite the change, Timothy said that he felt freed from different angles. He also coupled his diet with exercise to hasten the process and make it more effective. He even started monitoring what he ate. Cutting off the alcohol from his diet was the highest-degree of change he did.


When Janelle Brown started following a healthy lifestyle, something beautiful happened. A new weight loss journey began, resulting in a significant body transformation that made everyone’s jaw dropped. Compared to others, Janelle never tried to follow a crash diet or even undergo weight-loss surgery. What did she do? If you have been watching the reality TV show, Sister Wives, you may have noticed Brown’s body transformation.

Janelle wanted to lose weight naturally. Not wanting to go on a crash diet or other shortcuts, the reality tv star started working hard to shed off and permanently keep it. There was no need to use what she would get from her investments, as she only had to do yoga to maintain her new physique. Cooking her meals from scratch also made her diet more dependable and reliable. She also loves to walk when traveling that will also help her lose pesky fats.


Therese Caputo has always been open when it comes to her weight problems. Fortunately, the star of the popular TLC reality TV series, Long Island Medium, surpassed the hard part and is now looking even better day after day. She manages to maintain her fit physique, thanks to her new weight loss journey – a change in her lifestyle. Theresa decided to change her lifestyle entirely not just to be healthy but to keep the weight she lost from coming back.

She regularly goes to the gym and follows a healthy eating habit. Everything started in 2013. At the time, she used all the money she had to hire a personal trainer. She might not have consulted her financial advisor about the matter, but it was a big help for her. Caputo, who hated working out before, now hits the gym regularly and admits that she can’t picture her day without it anymore. After a lot of hard work, it directly paid off with a perfect fit body.


Teresa Guidice is a famous TV show star and is best known for her appearance in The Real Housewives of New Jersey. She works very, very hard to achieve the body she wants. She goes to the gym, undergoes training, and doing cardio almost every day to lose the weight off. She also followed a diet composed of mostly drinking a lot of water. Teresa does this every day, chugging a gallon of water each day, especially during training.

However, this changes when she is in competition mode—maybe she needs good flooring when this happens. Anyhow the essential thing for her is her diet. She follows a strict diet that mostly consists of proteins and vegetables. Though she admits that she is not a fan of the word “diet,” she is very disciplined, and she makes sure that she eats very clean, avoiding carbs, and only taking good food. Obviously, her hard work is paying off because she looks amazing!


Tyra had a hard time losing weight even when she hosts America’s Next Top Model show. When Tyra Banks lost 30 pounds, she started needing the help of a nutritionist. Without opting for any loans, she hired a professional nutritionist to maintain her new body and keep the lost weight from coming back. The two worked together and did it incredibly hard. Though she still eats the foods that she craves, she always does it with moderation. Tyra said to her fans that eating a balanced diet helps her in losing weight.

Although Tyra did not reveal the specifics about her diet and workout, we can clearly see that it was effective. However, if there was one thing that she could never avoid, it was ice cream. Tyra admitted her love for ice cream and would often eat it when her mother was around. However, she only did it with moderation, so it was quite allowed.


Miranda Lambert used to hate exercise and never had a passion for it. However, when she married her new husband, Brendan McLoughlin, she gave him credit for making her love physical activities. The famed country singer admitted staying fit was not her thing. Just like many people, she also struggled with body weight. Miranda said that she gains weight quickly every time she eats carbs, so she decided not to lose weight through diet.

Her weight gain quickly shows in her body due to her height. No matter her weight, she is quite pleased with how she looks, which seemed reassuring. She is very comfortable with her body. Miranda loves the way she looks and embraced body positivity. Compared to other celebrities, she does not follow any workout regimen or a strict diet. She just did what her husband told her to do and simply took good care of herself.


Jennifer Ellison surprised everyone when she showed a before-and-after photo of herself, showing her massive body transformation. She started her weight loss journey by cutting off sugar from her diet and joining the Sugar-Free Farm. Jennifer changed a lot because of her weight loss. Fans said that she became younger and more beautiful than before. Although it had nothing to do with her good credit score, it also gave her a good point when she stopped eating processed food, drinking alcohol, and taking other unhealthy foods. Like other celebrities, Jennifer didn’t go to the gym to lose weight. For her, cutting sugar is the best choice and an effective way to have a healthy lifestyle.

Although these things gave her a headache, she just never minded it. What was important for her was to lose weight, stop her yoyo diet method, and follow a healthier regimen that resulted in a slimmer and sexier body.


At 47 years old, Anthony Anderson quickly decided to change his lifestyle when he knew he had type 2 diabetes. He started doing more exercise and following a clean diet to make himself and his health better. Anthony said that he doesn’t want to go to the gym because it was too expensive. He said that you just have to walk around the neighborhood or take the stairs instead of the elevator, and it can surely save a lot of money. Anthony might have no plans to use his insurance untimely, so he did something about it.

He also stopped drinking alcohol, cutting it off from his diet. Also, he started to be a vegan for a little while. He followed a pescatarian diet, where he only ate fish and vegetables. He managed to lose 50 pounds and even made himself healthier and even better with all these things he did.


Losing weight is a big struggle for Michael Moore. It is a day to day fight, and the transition to a healthy lifestyle was challenging. Although Michael Moore never believed in diet and exercise, he had faith in walking. Walking makes someone fit and healthy and clarifies someone’s mind, which Michael likes. For him, it is a simple activity if you are not a gym fanatic like him. He walks 30 minutes a day, along with many people around the world. How does he do it?

Michael shares his physical activity on Facebook, asking everyone to read and join him virtually. He used social media to connect to people and tells everyone about the article he reads, which says more people in the U.S. are taking antidepressants than watching movies. They may have problems with their mortgages or other issues, so he believes walking can help them alter their minds.


Charles Barkley admitted that he stopped giving attention to his health and body when he left the basketball court. He forgot to go to the gym to exercise and slacked up on his routing, resulting in gaining weight. Therefore, Charles did everything to get back on track by doing physical activities again. He even made a deal with himself and tried his best to stick with it.

Of course, his body transformation would never be effective without a healthy diet. So, he started doing a new eating habit, avoiding eating the same food every day. Although he knew that salad could help him lose weight, eating it every day made him feel crazy and uneasy. So, he had a variety of food to eat every day that he could quickly get without tarnishing his excellent credit report. He once said to an interview that vegetables suck, but you had to look into the bigger picture if you’re serious about losing weight.


Who thought that Britney Spears would need such weight loss? Britney said that it was the unhealthy food that she eats, so she switched up her diet when the singer noticed that she was gaining weight. Working out also helps Britney lose unnecessary fats and allowed her to achieve the perfect body that she wants. Fortunately, Britney lost four pounds with this move, which was the weight she wanted to drop. She managed to maintain the body she wanted by eating fruits and vegetables, keeping the weight off permanently. Britney also said that she avoids unhealthy snacks.

She also started to work out and monitor the food she eats. However, Britney revealed that she eventually got tired of doing the same workout every day, no matter how hard she tried to stick with it. Nowadays, Britney tries her best to maintain her ideal body weight. It can be a challenge, but it’s an investment worth making.


Jason Segel decided to lose weight when producers told him that he would do a sexy movie with Cameron Diaz. He tried every method he knew to slim down. Fortunately, he reached the target bodyweight that he wanted through proper exercise, eating healthy foods, and changing into a healthy new life.

Jason revealed that he wanted to be in top shape before doing the movie and worked with Cameron. Hence, he started to follow a healthy lifestyle, exercise, and eat right. He then ditched his midnight food hobby, like eating pizza in the wee hours, and he forced himself to cut his alcohol drinking. Adopting a new healthy lifestyle is a challenging one for him, but it’s all worth it. He also made his body his ultimate inspiration, like a gas fuelling his desire. So, every time he had to take his shirt off, he would never look funny. Luckily, he managed to get the figure he wanted to achieve. Good thing he made the right fitness investment.


Most celebrities manage to lose weight through exercise, physical activities, or maybe undergo needles and surgery. However, when the keto diet became a trend, many people and celebrities tried it, including Sherri Shepherd. It was a new approach to a healthy lifestyle that can change your unhealthy eating habits. However, as some enjoyed its benefits of eating bacon and using butter when cooking, she opted to follow the much stricter one – avoiding sugar. Sherri said that sugar contributed a lot to her weight, so she decided to eliminate sugar in every food she puts into her mouth.

Sherri lost 25 pounds with this popular method and managed to do it in a “slow and steady” way. However, it was not only the keto diet or the removal of sugar from her diet that made her slimmer. She also gave it credit for giving her more energy and mind clarity to take good care of her kid.


Penn Jillette used to weigh 322 pounds but made a significant body transformation when he lost 100 pounds. As there was a 90% percent blockage in his heart due to his weight, he did something about it. Penn still wanted to see his kids when they grew up and provide everything they needed, so they never have to opt for student loans.

The television presenter decided to lose weight and be healthy again by following a potato diet. With this method, he only ate plain potatoes for 14 days. It was a strict diet, also known as a mono-diet, which had to be followed by eating vegetable stews and salad varieties after the said period.
Without exercise, he still lost so many pounds. He knows that it has some side effects, so after shedding all the weight, Penn decided to transition into a more traditional diet to maintain his ideal weight.


Kate Winslet now joined a bunch of celebrities who follow a vegan diet. It is said to be the healthiest and safest diet. Like any celebrity, Kate had difficulty losing weight after her recent pregnancy, so she tried going vegan. The famed Titanic star soon learns the many wonders that fruits and vegetables do in one’s body. She even managed to convince her husband to join in the fun.

Kate now cooks plant-based food, and she did not only use it to maintain her diet but also practice self-care. She uses it as a form of insurance to have a healthy body and wellbeing. Kate considers juicing greens a lot as part of her self-care routine. She always has a stock of spinach, kale, cucumbers, and everything that a vegetarian can eat in her fridge. Kate lost so much weight when she decided to try vegan, and she wanted to maintain her figure through this diet.


Sara Rue came to prominence due to her massive weight loss in her 30s. She managed to lose an incredible 50 pounds after deciding to follow a healthy lifestyle. Fortunately, unlike others, she never gained the weight that she dropped. Sarah is now unrecognizable because of her drastic weight loss.

She is an inspiration to people who also want to lose weight. Sara never followed a strict diet. Instead, she started watching everything she is eating each day. She never tried to go back to her unhealthy food choices and forget the taste of alcoholic drinks. It might be hard work, but Sara is already used to it. Anyway, since her body and health are at stake, she is willing to do it. She is determined to eat healthy foods and stick to a healthy lifestyle to maintain her figure.No insurance can give her the best of health that her healthy lifestyle provides.


Valerie Bertinelli uses the perfect combination of a weight-loss program and a workout to shed off the pounds. When she followed the Jenny Craig diet plan, she started losing an astonishing 50 pounds of weight. Sadly, Valerie once again gained those losses when her parents passed. She found the comfort that she needs through food. Later on, when she realized that she is not young anymore, and there are possibilities that her unhealthy practices will compromise her well-being, she started to do the weight loss program again. This time, to cut off the unnecessary fats caused by unhealthy foods.

Now, Valerie wanted to start anew. She aimed to lose weight again by following a new diet scheme. Valerie is looking forward to feeling better by wearing all the sexy pants she wanted after getting back into shape. Hence, she is about to be a new show that will follow her recent weight loss journey.


Late-night TV show host Jimmy Kimmel admits that he is a “total foodie” person, so it is tough for him to undergo diet. No one can resist good food, after all. However, he started to take good care of his health because his current weight reached a staggering 208 pounds. Jimmy used a 5:2 diet to lose weight.

It is intermittent fasting, where he could only eat 25% of the recommended calorie intake, from the usual 2,000 calories a day to 500-600 calories, on his 2-week fasting schedule. Michael Mosley and Jimmy himself popularly made this method. They gave it credit for helping decrease the risk of chronic disease and, of course, because of its weight-loss ability.
However, this diet is not recommended for everybody because it will restrict your calorie intake. Jimmy himself even stopped following this diet. Although it looks easy, it is easier said than done.


From a round figure to the sexy woman that she is today, Kelly Osbourne surprised everyone with her body transformation. The Osbournes star lost three stones and eight pounds when she joined the reality series Dancing with the Stars. Despite her rock star image which she got from her father, Ozzy Osbourne, Kelly donned dancing attire and graced the show’s stage. She did not just change everyone’s view of her but also received a good credit score. Her weight loss journey was never easy because she underwent intensive training and grueling exercise routines to become fit.

She even tried different kinds of diet plans that could effectively help her lose weight. Kelly loves organic foods, so she decided to go into a plant-based diet regimen. She lost two stones and two pounds on this diet and decided to stick to it because of the immediate result. From the looks of it, her body transformation will continue until she reaches her desired weight.


When Drew Carey decided to shed off some pounds, he lost a lot of excess weight and managed to stop the medications for his type 2 diabetes. It is like hitting the same bird with one stone, and he gets all the advantages. He seemed to use his diet as his health insurance, and it was deemed effective. It was challenging work for him, but he puts in a lot of effort to start a healthy lifestyle.

His weight shrunk from a heavy 262 to an astonishing 170 pounds. That was a total of 92 pounds, which he had achieved by cutting off carbohydrates and avoiding pizza, bread, crackers, and any grain or starch-based food. He is following a no-carb diet. Sure, it is not an easy thing to do, but he is doing it all for his health. Adding to the no-carb diet plan is essential and basic exercise like walking.



The versatile performer has always had everyone asking about her weight loss journey. She follows a balanced diet and only consumes plant-based food – all-natural and organic. She even hired a nutritionist to make sure that she is eating the right amount of food. Fergie makes sure she is physically fit so that she can maintain her healthy and sexy body. She likes to go running, hiking, and jumping rope. She combines these activities with a strict diet to maintain his perfectly carved body.

Aside from paying for her house’s mortgage in Los Angeles, part of her budget is the meal delivery service called Diet Designs. This helps Fergie watch her diet. Although she cares about and is deeply conscious of what she eats, she still tends to have a buttered lettuce salad, coupled with lots of fruits, like avocado and grapefruit. She does this in moderation, and she makes sure that she burns all the fats.


When Jojo was only starting in the business, she was struggling with her body image. She was too young to lose weight, and it was a tough battle. Her record label put her on a strict diet, where she would eat only 500 calories a day. Having a small amount of calorie intake is not a good idea. This put her health at risk, and they didn’t even give her health insurance to cover the dangers that came with it.

Allegedly, her weight had something to do with the delay of her then-new music’s release. Although the music label denied the allegation, she saw it as their main reason. Fortunately, she is now out of the said music label’s care. She also made a name for herself without putting herself at risk. However, she decided to have a safe diet plan that is compatible with her. She doesn’t want to risk a strict diet that can put her health in danger.


From burgers to barbells and from overweight to an ideal body, Joell Ortiz learned a lot when he started doing body training. At the time, he did not need to watch online classes to know the dos and don’ts. It all started with a simple and basic workout and eventually increased it to the advanced body training routines. He first lost about 50 to 60 pounds when he began his weight loss journey. The progress was swift when he underwent training that gradually changed his body.

However, his training made her packed on the pounds due to the muscle mass that made him look heavy and bulky. Although he seemed thick again like what he used to when he was 20 pounds heavier, it was only because of his muscles. All and all, he lost 60 pounds. Thanks to his dedication, discipline, and efforts, he already achieved a perfectly toned figure.


At the age of 12, David Styles already stopped eating pork. Although he was still eating beef at the time, he, too, put that to a halt when he saw millions of cows rush by from his tour bus. Since then, he decided to stop eating beef. David is now 46 years old, and it has been years since he decided to stop eating meat in general. It could be the main reason he always loses weight because of the lack of protein in his meal. Though he still wants to balance it all and started to go on a strictly plant-based diet. This does not only make him fit but healthy, too.

For him, the most important thing if you’re going to lose weight is to control yourself and always watch what you eat. Since day one, David has been making his eating habit his investment to be perfectly healthy, saying his diet makes him feel “balanced and alive.”


After all that she’s been through, Teairra Mari knew it was the best time not just to change herself but also to her health and body. Her show Love and Hip Hop documented everything that was happening in her life then. From there, she knew she needed to change her ways. So, she dedicated herself to physical fitness for her health, body, and mind. Teairra wanted to lose weight naturally but she did not want to spend a lot of time at the gym.

Instead, she underwent rigorous exercises to shed off extra pounds. Moreover, eating a healthy and balanced diet is also one of the primary reasons why she lost so much weight. She also cared for her emotional health. After experiencing a lot of issues before, Teairra stood on her own feet and retook control of her life like she used to. The weight loss journey of Tierra was indeed an inspirational one.


Bruce Vilanch once lost 80 pounds when he joined a reality TV show. While some celebrities may struggle to choose which program or diet plan they will adapt to, Bruce made an odd decision to join a reality show instead. He joined VH1’s reality show Celebrity Fit Club. And it was an effective one because he lost 20 to 45 pounds.

Although Bruce never intended to lose weight in front of a lot of people, He agreed that the show helped him lose weight and gained the self-confidence he needs He said that there were many diet methods he tried before, but being on Celebrity Fit Club was the only time his efforts paid off. It became his ultimate motivation. He managed to avoid “both Ben and Jerry,” and he would do it all again for a good credit report if he ever got the chance.


Debra Digiovanni was inspired to lose weight when she learned about her body’s high body fat percentage. It seemed like electricity flew through her body when she heard the news. Since then, she started doing a cardio workout, which began her successful weight loss journey. She often goes to the gym to do basic training and exercises. Although she did not shed off that much, it was enough for Debra to see the good results of her early efforts.

She was so satisfied with the result that she decided to do it daily to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Her numerous projects also aided her to lose weight. Being on the road often enabled her not to eat that much, resulting in shedding off more pounds. In total, she lost about 30 pounds that put her on the 240-pound mark. For her, it’s already a massive step to her weight loss journey to achieve her desired figure.


Sharon Rooney made it a habit to exercise regularly, although her determination has nothing to do with losing weight. She didn’t choose to shed off extra pounds to have a body of a supermodel. She just wants everyone to know that she wants to change her looks, not for the sake of vanity, but because she just wanted to become healthy and to have a better lifestyle without any vices whatsoever. Sharon wants to improve her health with the help of physical activities and simple exercises.

For her, it also enhances her mind, and it helps her become positive. Someone told her that working out is not being body positive, so she contradicted the claim. If there is a woman who is very optimistic about her body, it is Sharon. Because of her healthy disposition, she does very well listening to the advice of her financial advisor, so she is now more focused on doing other things than concentrating on changing her body.


It was never an issue for Margo Martindale when people started to notice her when she was already 60. Although she was already a senior at the time, she was still struggling with her body weight. However, as she had a movie credit for Justified, she decided to change her look and follow a new diet after she made it. When she received a significant nomination, Margo revealed her plans to lose weight.

But before she would do that, she would first enjoy dinner and drinks with her husband and follow the most extreme diet she would do in her life the next day. It was a struggle for Margo at the beginning because she loves to eat a lot. Eventually, her body adapted to the diet plan, and the result was terrific, and she loved it. Her appearance totally changed, and it was a signal for her to continue and stick to it.


George Wendt started to have health issues when he reached the 300-pound mark. He began to complain about his chest pains that landed him at the Chicago hospital. He probably used his insurance to have himself checked. There were rumors that George underwent a weight loss surgery to shed off the pounds. Although he never confirmed these rumors, many people believed that he needed to go under the knife because his weight is just too much for his age.

He even reached 340 pounds, which put his health at risk. Some said that he also got bigger and heavier, weighing a whopping 383 pounds. He is 72 years old now, and he never tried doing exercise and workouts like the other celebrities. He just wanted to try a basic diet plan. After all, he cannot do an extreme diet because he used to eat a lot.


We all know that Ashley is an adorable actress, and she is well known for her voluptuous body. However, she became the talk of the town when she proudly showed her body transformation in the comedy-drama series Glee. From flab to fab, she made everyone envious of her new sexy body when she played the role of Lauren Zizes. Fans were so proud of her because the transformation boosted Ashley’s confidence in acting, and it showed up.

Ashley used to weigh a hefty 300 pounds. Fortunately, she was able to lose 50 pounds. As her body transformation surprised everyone, the reason behind her weight loss would be more surprising. Ashley revealed that she did not do anything to lose weight. Unlike the other celebrities, she never followed an adequate diet or regularly did any exercise and could only give credit to her busy schedule and lots of work.


Meghan Trainor was not an avid fan of fad diets or weight loss surgery, or even physical activities and exercises. She did not want to get a loan to go under the knife just to lose weight. So, to shed off the pounds, she just opted to change her lifestyle. She started following healthy lifestyle habits. She decided to cut off the unhealthy foods she put in her body, like junk foods and alcoholic meals. This not only helped her lose weight but also made her happier and stronger, and it was the best part of it.

She also did not have to use her credit card as everything she needed for a healthy meal was right back at her home. She only ate home-cooked meals and organic dishes prepared by her husband. Her husband also taught her to cook and prepare healthy meals for herself and the whole family.


Queen Latifah is known as Jenny Craig’s spokeswoman. She might have used its diet plan to lose over 20 pounds in three years. Lucky for her, the weight she lost never came back. She managed to keep it off and was willing to know more about nutrition and exercise through different mediums and online classes might be one of them. The weight loss program helped her cut the unnecessary fats and the toxic foods on her body.

She was convinced that it would have had a more positive effect if she only knew about it when she was younger as she could have started it sooner than later. However, she admitted that although she is connected to Jenny Craig, she never followed a diet but only did exercise, mainly walking, to be fit. So if you want to cut the pounds like Latifa, you better be as disciplined as her to lose weight and stay healthy and fit.


John Goodman did everything to lose weight. People have always known him to be heavy, so he did a lot of things to shed the pounds. John had a total body transformation, thanks to his incredible determination and motivation. Many people assumed that he underwent surgery, but he didn’t as he doesn’t want to go under the knife and anesthesia. John followed a three-month program, doing boxing and even working with professional boxing champions. Extensive training is the main reason why he quickly loses the unnecessary fats on his body.

He also did cardio and resistance training because it is better to have multiple exercise options. He might even have insurance to do this, as he was under close medical supervision. His trainers want to make sure that he is still fit to do the training program. He also followed a Mediterranean diet, eating mostly plant-based food, organic foods composed of fruits and vegetables, olive oil, and a little red meat to hasten the weight loss.


When people first saw Seth Rogen, he was entirely on the heavier side. However, when he was about to do the movie credits of Green Hornet, he decided to lose weight, and he had to do it quickly. He had to shed off the pounds in just three months, so he thought of a way to do it effectively. He started by adjusting his diet, which helped him lose 14 pounds in just ten weeks. However, the sudden weight loss took its toll on his skin, which started to get sagged. As such, he once again needed to do something about it.

Fortunately, this trainer knew what to do and told him to follow strength training to help remove the saggy skin. Seth was determined to eliminate those unnecessary skin in the most natural way. He doesn’t want to undergo surgery and spend the day in the hospital. Exercise and strength training will do, but he will have to set goals and put a lot of time and effort into reaching his desired figure.


Jeffrey Ferrara committed himself to following a healthy diet and a strict workout routine. By continuously doing these methods, he managed to lose a whopping 55 pounds. He did his body transformation when the filming for the seventh and final season of his TV series Entourage was about to start.

So, as expected, he made everyone’s jaw dropped with the surprising change in his body. The transition was huge, and many people thought he went through the knife because of his model-like body. Jerry worked with his nutritionist and a personal trainer to make his weight loss journey more fun. He was even proud that he got addicted to something good for his body this time. He also started to eliminate all the alcoholic drinks and junk foods in his fridge. Now, working out is like gas for him that fuels his body to lose weight. Jerry is now devoted to a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise to maintain his body.


It’s easy to assume that Kim Kardashian underwent surgery because she can afford it, considering the fact that she belongs to one of the wealthiest clans, but we will be mistaken do so. It’s just a stern diet plan. Although Kim Kardashian is known for being relatively sexy, there were days that she gained weight, especially when she was heavy with a child. So, to lose weight again after giving birth, she was following the Atkins 40 diet.

In doing this method, Kim had to limit her sugar and carbs intake to a certain degree. She could only eat 40 grams of net carbs without fiber, 110 to 170 grams of protein, and two to four fat servings per day. Doing this kind of diet helps her lose 2 pounds per week, which was pretty incredible. Indeed, it was a strict process to follow, as she, too, could only consume 1,800 calories a day. But, with the result of losing over 30 kilograms, who would not do it?


Aside from being the funny guy, Zach Galifianakis used to be known for his adorable flab body. Although he remains the much-loved stranger he is today, he is no longer a fat one. Zach flaunted his much sexier body at the red carpet premiere of his movie Birdman in 2014. At the time, he seemed to lose about 50 to 60 pounds. Fortunately, he managed to maintain his sexy body, keeping the weight off from coming back.

When a reporter asked Zach how he did it, knowing the funny guy that he is, he only said that he was dying. Of course, that was not true. As one of the most loved actors, he probably has the right insurance to protect his health. From there, he said he simply walked to lose the weight and gave up booze. Like any other celebrities, Zach doesn’t need a nutritionist and a diet plan. Eating the right kinds of food and eliminating unhealthy ones can do the trick.


Alec Baldwin impressed everyone when he flaunted his fit body on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon by jokingly dropping off his pants. At the time, he was promoting his new movie while revealing his new diet. He revealed that he was following a strict diet, starting his day with only juice and not eating breakfast. Since he didn’t enjoy regular workouts, he said in an interview that eating healthy foods and avoiding vices is enough to drop the weight.

Indeed, Alec was very motivated to lose weight and maintain a healthy body as he was pre-diabetic. As he had no intention to shoot insulin, he only took green juices and cashew milk. He makes sure that all the food intake is healthy and not so sugary and sweet. Sure, he had all the means and credit cards to buy this stuff, so it would never be a problem for him.


50 Cent has been looking good since day one. He seems to have a healthy and fit body, which he credits to his healthy eating habits. He said that the key to an excellent looking body is the balance between simple exercise and a well-planned meal. In the morning, he only eats egg whites. He sticks to a low-carb diet for lunch, and for the evening, he grabs a healthy snack like fruits.

50 Cent also revealed that he is only drinking hot water with lemon because of its many health benefits that could help keep him strong and healthy. He knows that food can also affect someone’s productivity, so he tries to eat only healthy ones and eliminate junk foods and alcoholic drinks. To complete his nutritional habits, he is also working out that helps him to be more motivated. Though he is not a fan of the gym, he does the exercise at home.


Ruben Studdard lost 70 pounds when he joined the weight-loss competition The Biggest Loser. Before the contest, he tried losing weight but to no avail. The show helped him a lot in terms of discipline and patience on how to lose weight. His fats and body bulges were now gone, but he still wanted to be known as the Velvet Teddy Bear. Ruben is now thin and looking good, all thanks to the show.

He lost a total of 112 pounds, which was no easy feat. He was under a lot of pressure, yet he made it. The loss was seen in his body. So, to keep the weight off from coming back, he was trying his best to wake up early in the morning every day to do his workout. As he seemed to make it an investment for himself, his hard work seems to pay off.


The fan-favorite Ronnie Ortiz was once a chubby guy. That is why his massive transformation shocked everyone. Ronnie decided to lose weight because he wanted to cut the unnecessary fats, and at the same time, he wanted to be as healthy as possible. To stay sober, Ronnie Ortiz focused his attention on the gym and his workout routine. He made these methods his tools to help him maintain his healthy and sexy physique. Ronnie also used it to be psychologically healthy.

To be himself again, he did a lot of self-care, like switching to a new healthy lifestyle and withdrawing the vices that keep him sick. Of course, he also coupled it with physical activities, like working out and going to the gym. He was also following a healthy diet, only eating healthy foods. He could have maxed out his credit cards by doing these things, but it looks like Ronnie does not mind it at all


During her time, Jessica Simpson is one of the singers that have the whole package. She has a slim and toned body, but she gained a lot of weight every time she got pregnant. Jessica started to change her eating habits and used the help of her ever-reliable nutritionist to lose 100 pounds. A lot of people were surprised by her body transformation after she gave birth to her third child.

When everybody thought that it would take time before she could lose the baby weight, she proved them wrong. So, what did she do? Jessica never needed money loans to start her weight loss journey. All she did was changed her lifestyle. She did not put much effort to shed off the pounds but just a change of behavior and mindset. Fortunately, it was deemed effective as she didn’t need to go to the gym and spend hours doing physical activities.


Kevin Federline used to attract a lot of women, including Britney Spears, but everything changed when he gained a significant amount of weight. Kevin admitted that he used to have a yoyo diet, usually losing weight and gaining it back again. So, as he might be tired of ineffective weight loss methods, he tried hiring a food service that would help him monitor his meals called Fresh Diet.

He admitted that it was hard for him to be on this kind of diet and he was even hospitalized and passed out because he is not used to eating small amounts. But later on, his body started to adjust to the diet and it eventually became effective, as it is apparent that it works very well for him. It worked wonders in his body, losing a significant amount of weight that made him look hot again.


Melissa McCarthy also had the most relatable diet. He revealed that she had been in every size of the body that everyone could think of. She used to be a skinny little lady, a sexy young girl, and a voluptuous woman. Unfortunately, her body remained on the large size, so she decided to cut the useless pounds. When she started changing the way she was thinking about weight, she surprisingly lost 50 pounds.

Melissa admitted that it was too hard for her to lose weight and even tried many diets that fit her, but then decided to stop looking for diet plans. She stopped worrying about her shape and size, resulting in shedding off the pounds without much effort. She could give credit to herself for not doing anything drastic and dangerous in order to get thin. So, she just thanked her work routine and her ability to sleep early for her weight loss.


Did you know that Mama June once weighed 460 pounds? She was too heavy that she already decided to go under the knife to control her continuous weight gain. Yet, she wanted to cut the fats in the most effective and natural procedure, so she underwent a lifestyle overhaul so that she would never need money loans for expensive procedures anymore. However, her body still needs a little extra help from the knife and she had gastric sleeve surgery to make her stomach smaller so that she could also eat small meals.

She also coupled the procedure with a strict diet and exercised regularly to keep her previous weight from coming back. Simple exercise, eating healthy, and minor surgery is a perfect combo for Mama June. Fortunately, she was able to maintain her smaller physique, and it even helped her to gain a name in the entertainment industry as she is one of the most famous television personalities working today.


Kirsten Vangsness lost an incredible amount of weight by following Renee Stephen’s six weeks weight loss program. This method helped her transform her body into a much slimmer physique and aided in giving her a more positive outlook on life. It might be the reason why this program was called “Full-Filled”. Kirsten lost 50 pounds right after she enrolled in the weight loss program. In an interview, she said that those two weeks is one of the most challenging days of her life.

However, she remained calm and patient, for she knows that it’s all worth it. It might have aimed to make its followers feel fulfilled by following a spiritual weight loss. Her financial advisor might let her follow this as she only had to shell out a small amount for this. Well, she only has to eat healthily and become more active in life to make it effective.


Mama June fears that her daughter, Alana Thompson, best known for her stint in the TV series Honey Boo Boo, will experience the same thing she had for being overweight. She wanted a perfect strategy for her daughter’s weight loss journey. So as early as now, she wants her kid to be healthy and never be overweight. Seeing what her mom experienced, Alana is now doing everything to be not on the heavier side.

Her mom’s weight loss journey inspired her so much that she wanted to take the same process too, but not the surgery. It cannot be denied that Alana is quite chubby today. So, to control her weight, she already started walking and working out to shed off the pounds. Wearing her workout clothes, she has been walking around their house with her sister. Now, all Mama June needs to have is a home security system so that she can watch over Alana outside.


When Anne Hagerty started to lose weight again, it helped her to return to the dating scene. It had been hard for the television personality to go out again and meet somebody after being diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. However, she never let this condition put her down. As she began her weight loss journey, she started to be herself again and build the confidence that she once lost. She never needed any money loans for it but just her guts and bravery. With her hard work, she managed to lose a stone in only three weeks.

In her appearance on ITV’s This Morning, Anne revealed that her initiative to cut off the salt from her diet helped her lose those extra pounds, which had been incredibly effective. Many people often see her walking on the beach and under the sunshine, which contributes a lot to her weight loss journey. At 62, she is getting used to her everyday routine, like walking and eating healthy foods


Chrissy Metz was only a size 12 when she started acting until she got heavier and heavier. At the time, she even managed to lose 50 pounds before she asked her parents if they could move to Los Angeles so that she could further her career. However, when she received no acting job offers, she felt depressed. She even had panic attacks that made her change her attitude toward her weight. Although it was an unfortunate event, Chrissy gave credit to that incident for making her change her mind.

She then followed a simple diet, eating only 2,000 calories a day and walking 20 minutes every single day, not pressuring herself to lose weight anymore. In less than five months, Chrissy lost 100 pounds after doing the said diet. Little by little, she managed to keep a healthy lifestyle and a simple basic exercise and even maintain her current weight.


You may know Gabourey Sidibe as one of the casts of the award-winning 2019 movie Precious. At the time, she was about 300 pounds. However, when she decided to undergo a weight loss surgery, she lost a whopping 150 pounds or, at least, half of how heavy she used to weigh. Gabourey struggled to shed off the weight because she knew it would be hard for her to lose the weight quickly.

She also tried different diets and weight loss programs, but nothing fits her needs, so she decided to undergo surgery. Sidibe might have opted for money loans to go under the knife, which was all worth it. Aside from getting a slimmer physique, she also managed to fight off her type 2 diabetes, depression, anxiety, and even bulimia. Upon learning her health condition, a doctor advised Sidibe to opt for weight loss surgery to control it.


Whatever her body weight is, it has been a common practice for Amy Schumer to work out and do some basic physical activities. The comedian has been known for her body positivity, accepting her weight and body no matter what its shape and heavy she weighs. The most important thing for Amy is her health and not what other people will think of her physique. She used to work with the celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak in the past.

At the time, the latter revealed that his client had an incredible drive inside the gym. To a certain degree, the actress was like a natural athlete whenever she worked out. She used to play sports at a high level when she was in high school and college. She, too, was an aerobics instructor. Though she was in the gym most of the time, she thought she still needs to eat healthy meals.


It cannot be denied that Candance Cameron has a sexy and envy-inducing body. But, to maintain her physique is not easy work, and she had a hard time doing the process. The star revealed that she has to follow a strict diet and do workouts regularly. She says that whenever she needs to do a job, she has to look good for it and stick with it. She is the epitome of determination, as she tries her best to do things that will make her feel good about herself.

Basic workout and simple physical activities help her lose the weight that she wanted to shed off and follows a strict vegan diet, although she still eats eggs and fish occasionally. She also avoids dairy food and alcoholic drinks, which also helps to reduce her stomach issues. Fortunately, she has a reliable credit card that she can use whenever she needs it.


Keely Shaye Smith is very confident in her body. As the wife of one of the most iconic actors in Hollywood, Pierce Brosnan, she knows the importance of maintaining her sexy body. However, it looks like Keely never minds. Although she continuously faces a lot of scrutiny due to her body weight, Keely just does not give them the attention that they want. Lucky for them, she is not hiring her lawyers to face them in court.

She started to gain weight when she gave birth to their kids. Although the weight gain is just natural, a lot of people still expect her to be in her best shape. But, it seems like the most important for Keely is that she maintains to be healthy by following a healthy lifestyle to stay fit. She managed to lose almost 100 pounds.


Robbie Williams was once a stout man and struggled with his weight. Credits to boxing and a weight loss program, he was able to put a stop to his relentless weight battle and issue. This program taught him to be positive and to be patient with the boxing routines. When he showed everyone his body transformation, it was a massive surprise for many. The fans were so shocked that they even thought that Robbie underwent surgery, but they are wrong.

When he became the face of the weight loss program of Weight Watchers, he took advantage of his chance to start his weight loss journey. Today, his weight battle is now over. The excess fats are all gone and were all replaced with toned muscles. He uses boxing not just to lose weight but also to have a clear mind. He also plays golf and walks between holes, which are also good exercises for him

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