Regis Philbin is famous for being a TV host, actor, singer, and author with a $150 million net worth. The Hollywood celebrity used to earn $20 million annually. Through his hard work as a host of several TV games and talk shows, he managed to join the millionaire’s club. Aside from hosting, he also made a name as a recording artist and released several albums like It’s Time For Regis,  When You’re Smiling,  The Regis Philbin Christmas Album, and Just You Just Me.

He also co-authored the books  I’m Only One Man, Who Wants To Be Me?, and How I Got This Way? Aside from these feats, he also got credit for having the “Most Hours on US Television” from Guinness World Record in 2004. Regis’ fame and fortune came from a long line of effort, sweat, and hard work. All of it would have never been possible if not for the emotional and mental support from his spouse, kids, and friends. He remains, to this day, as one of the most beloved TV personalities in the world.