Celebrity Kids Who Are Now Grown Up And All Famous

Sydney Brooke Simpson – O. J. Simpson and Nicole Brown Simpson’s Daughter

Sydney Brooke Simpson is the daughter of the controversial athlete O. J. Simpson and Nicole Brown Simpson. But no matter how controversial their lives have become, the former actor and football player did everything not to drag his kids into the issue. Their kids aren’t big fans of being in the spotlight and prefer having private lives, and among them is Sydney. Sydney favors work outside of the industry and instead, chose to become an event planner instead.

With a well-paying job, she has no problem paying their mortgage. Unlike other celebrities, Sydney is not a fan of social media so we know little about her personal life. According to reports, Sydney studied in Gulliver University and attained a degree in Sociology at Boston University. After graduating, she started her own business called Simply LLC and became a restaurateur, a field she seems to be excelling in. Perhaps, for some celeb kids, a more low-key life is the better option.