Learn How These Celebrities Lose So Much Weight Effectively That You Can Also Do

Most people are inspired to lose weight by their favorite celebrities. Whenever they see their much-loved stars shed off the pounds, they surely want to know how they do it. So, if you want to know how the Hollywood stars do it, then here it is.


It remains to be a big mystery how does Liz Torres loses the pesky weight. She surprised everyone when she debuted her new enviable body on the set of Netflix’s Gilmore Girls. Reprising her role as Miss Patty, people used to see her on the heavier side. However, her sudden body transformation made their jaws dropped. Liz has yet to announce the secret behind her diet, but there are rumors she went under the knife. Whatever she did, the most important thing is that she is happy.

No amount of credit score can match it after she finally managed to change her looks. Liz said in her 2000 interview that if they gain weight, nobody wants to look at them. Starting in 2008, her weight began to decrease, making her unrecognizable, especially when she attended the premiere of the Broadway show It Must be Him in 2010. Fans continuously love her more. Her iconic roles will always live on amid her weight loss.