Favorite Celebrities From The Past: Where They Are Now And What They Are Up To

Take A Look At Your Favorite Celebrities Who Once Ruled The Hollywood And Now Living Modest Life.


Being one of the famous names in Hollywood, Julie Andrews played the iconic Hollywood female lead, Maria von Trapp, in the classic movie musical The Sound of Music. Andrews’ made her first debut credit in the film musical Mary Poppins where she was the magical nanny. She claimed her Academy Award for Best Actress and made her like she was born to embody some of the most legendary characters in the entertainment scene. Having been nominated in different awards and winning each nomination is something that makes her great.

Recently, we can hear Andrews’ voice in animated films like Shrek and Despicable Me. She had also imparted her voice to the character of the Kraken in the 2018 movie Aquaman. Moving forward to 2020, Andrews is still acting as she managed to have Netflix shows that are making it big in terms of viewership.