Unrecognizable Photos Of These Celebrity Kids All Grown Up

Hazel Moder – Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder’s Daughter

Julia Roberts and her husband Daniel Moder, are blessed with three kids, and one of them is the beautiful Hazel Moder. At 14 years old, this celebrity kid has already appeared in several movies like All Access and Mother’s Day, alongside her mom. Since she has a famous actress as a mother, who is considered the leading lady of Hollywood, and a cinematographer dad, Hazel is no stranger to the world of Hollywood.

She used to be in the limelight and has been exposed to the industry at a very young age. Hence, it wasn’t a surprise that she wanted to join the entertainment industry and follow her mother’s footsteps. Julia also said that her archive or red carpet dresses would belong to Hazel soon. Whether Hazel decides to keep them or sell them, those dresses will be a part of her future investments. With her parents’ huge net worth plus her own earnings, she will surely be financially secure for the next decade.