Julianne Hough is a multi-talented actress. The singer, dancer, and actress have a lot on her plate, and she deserves a net worth of $10 million. The celebrity is showing that she also has some talent in investment planning. She owns a $2-million property in Hollywood Hills. The 2,101-square-foot home has plenty of rooms for her and her husband, Brooks Laich. It might even have a high-end security to keep her safe. The homeowner’s expenses might be quite expensive, too, but her excellence in handing her finances and smart financial decisions can cover that.

Talking about her career, Hough was able to work on studio albums that peaked at the top five of the U.S. music charts. She also recently released a single back in 2019 that gained adoration from her fans and followers. As of now, her current focus is on increasing her presence on TV. The young star has been continuously appearing in TV shows like America’s Got Talent, Heartstrings, and Disney Family Singalong.